The Male Lead's Substitute Wife

只只不醉 - Zhǐ Zhǐ Bù Zuì

Chapter 353

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Chapter 353

Ch.353 Dreams of an Alternate History (1)

"Xiuqi!" Su Yaya's soul cried out to Shen Xiuqi, but Shen Xiuqi couldn't hear her screams. He continued to look at the person who was lying on the hospital bed motionlessly. He didn't react to her screams at all. He only had eyes for her that was on the hospital bed.

"Xiuqi!" Su Yaya floated to Shen Xiuqi's side and yelled again, but sadly Shen Xiuqi still didn't react at all.

Su Yaya stretched out her hand to pull on him, but her hand pa.s.sed right through his body. Su Yaya got anxious, she quickly flew over to her body, she wanted to merge with her body again, and then wake herself up.

However, no matter how she tried, her body didn’t accept her soul, as if her body was rejecting her. She could not merge into her body, all she could do was hover around it, but nothing could help her merge her body and soul into one.

If her soul is unable to integrate with her body, there is no way she could possibly wake up. No matter how desperate and worried Su Yaya was, it didn’t help the situation at all, she could only watch Shen Xiuqi as he held her hand in tears, her heart ached terribly from the sight of this.

Shen Xiuqi had been taking care of Su Yaya around the clock, and even brought his work to the hospital. He did everything with his own two hands, and he never let anyone help him, even if it was just to clean Su Yaya's body, ma.s.sage her, or feed her some water, there was nothing that he didn’t take up by himself.

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Shen Xiuqi stayed in the hospital every night, as he accompanied Su Yaya, he never went anywhere else. Even though Mother Su and Sun Qin came to persuade him to go back and have a rest, he was reluctant to do so, the most he does is to head home, take a bath, change into a fresh pair of clothes, and then head to the hospital yet again to be by Su Yaya’s side.

Su Yaya felt both anxious and sad when she heard him say this, but unfortunately, her soul couldn't get back into her body, so she could only stay around Shen Xiuqi, and watch as he goes through his busy day, and tried to stay by his side as much as possible.

That night, after Shen Xiuqi wiped Su Yaya's body clean, he fell asleep on the table with much exhaustion.

Shen Xiuqi, who was fast asleep, had a long and strange dream.

In his dream, Shen Xiuqi had married a woman named Su Yaya, but that Su Yaya wasn’t the Su Yaya he fell in love with. She was arrogant, she had a terrible temper, she wasn’t kind, and was spoiled and selfish. All she wanted to do was to pamper herself, she never tried to improve herself as a person, and all she did was sit there and play around all day. She also didn’t get along with her own parents, and even complained that they were not making enough money for her to live a more luxurious life.

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