The Legendary Mechanic

Chocolion - 齐佩甲

Chapter 982

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Chapter 982 Proof of Leaders.h.i.+p

“You…” The Kunde Race leader was stunned as he looked at Han Xiao.

You would be able to get rid of my entire race alone? This was the first time he had heard such a tyrannical introduction.

Just what kind of a background did this stranger have‽

His reaction was disbelief, but he quickly remembered that the other party came from an advanced civilization that had Supers. Everything was possible, and he had to throw away his old-fas.h.i.+oned thoughts.

He did not understand Han Xiao's ident.i.ty in the dynasty, but since the other party dared to say something like this, he was definitely a bigshot!

Thinking about it this way, this self-introduction of his was truly fantastic. Han Xiao immediately got the other party to understand his ident.i.ty.

Why would a bigshot that he had never met agree to his final request?


Was it pity?

Or was the other party only pretending to agree to ensure that he played along?

He was filled with doubts.

When he first raised the request, he did not have much hope and never expected the other party to truly agree.

All of a sudden, the Kunde Race leader was filled with disbelief and did not know what to say.

“Are you worried that I am joking?” Han Xiao looked at the Kunde Race leader. “There isn't a point for me to lie to you. Since I promised you, I will definitely complete my promise.”

The Kunde Race leader then could not help but ask, “Why do you want to help me?”

“Good question.” Han Xiao chuckled. “I am a person full of care and concern. I enjoy helping others and am a benevolent individual. Just treat it as me pitying the Kunde Race. This matter isn't a big deal to me.”

By the side, Tarrokov's face twitched slightly.

Brother, can you be less shameless?

You have at least half the responsibility for the defeat of the Kunde Race! You are making it sound as though we are the evil ones!

His skin is probably thick enough to tank a psionic cannon… Oh, it seems as though it really is possible.

Tarrokov cursed in his heart while the Kunde Race leader was extremely moved.

It was as though he had come to the end of the road and descended into pitch black darkness. However, a sudden ray of light came into the world, and a helping hand was extended to him.

“Thank you…” The Kunde Race leader clenched his fists and said with agitation, “It is a blessing to have met someone like you at the end of my life. It is a pity that I don't have anything to pay you back with.”

“Ah, it's nothing. I don't need any payment.” Han Xiao chuckled and could not even believe his own words.

Upon hearing that, the Kunde Race leader was even more moved.

This individual called Black Star was truly the best person in the universe!


Tarrokov face palmed and was completely speechless.

The scene before him was truly too ridiculous.

The other party is responsible for your race's defeat, but you are still full of grat.i.tude toward him‽

I am truly resigned. After committing murder, you are actually able to let the victims be grateful toward you.

At this moment, Tarrokov came to a conclusion.

Black Star is indeed perverse.

I'd better stay far away from him. I am going to retire soon. I don't want to be led astray by him.

Han Xiao chuckled and left the room together with Tarrokov.

Walking out of the room, Tarrokov turned around and asked with doubt, “Black Star, why did you agree to him?”

He truly never expected this to happen. He originally thought that Black Star was only there to kill time but never expected the other party to do something like this. He also could not understand Black Star's motives.

Han Xiao then waved his arms and said, “I am in a good mood and wish to be a good person.”

“So, you weren't teasing him just now?”

“Of course not. I am being very serious. Wait a moment, are you misunderstanding something?”

Ignoring Han Xiao's words, Tarrokov began to frown.

“But didn't you just say that you won't interfere in the way the dynasty deals with the Kunde Race? Are you trying to say that you are prepared to change your att.i.tude and support keeping these captives?”

“Ha, there are no constants in the universe. Can't I change my mind?” Han Xiao raised his brows.

“Alright.” Tarrokov nodded. “I will convey your wishes to the Ruler. As for whether your face is useful, that isn't something that I can consider.”

“This is enough.” Han Xiao smiled.

At this moment, Tarrokov looked around and suddenly said in a hushed tone, “Tell me the truth. What is your intention?”

“Hmm? Didn't I say that it was because I am in a good mood?”

“Ah.” Tarrokov had a 'don't try to bluff me' look on his face.

Upon seeing that, Han Xiao shook his head with resignation and said, “Alright then, I shall be honest. The population of the Kunde Race is at the level of a Star Cl.u.s.ter. Although it will take a long time to educate them, their population will be a treasure chest after the education. If I can arrange for them to stay in my territory, they will be my manpower for the future. The dynasty doesn't need the population of the Kunde Race, but it is an opportunity for my development.”

Upon hearing that, Tarrokov revealed a smile that said, 'I knew it!'

That's right, this is the Black Star that I know. How could he possibly have such a good heart?

You truly live up to your reputation.

After thinking for a while, Tarrokov felt that Han Xiao's plan was not bad. If the dynasty wanted to keep the Kunde Race, they would have to think about where they should arrange for the race to stay. The size of the population would be an important resource, and many allies would eye on this piece of meat. The way he saw it, Black Star was only asking beforehand.

As for agreeing to his so-called wish, he understood Han Xiao too well and felt that it was probably no more than an excuse.

Han Xiao took a peek at his interface while Tarrokov was in thought.


You have triggered the mission [Kunde Race Leader's Last Wish].

Mission Introduction: The Kunde Race lost in the war, and their entire race is now the captives of the dynasty with their future unknown. The Kunde Race leader is prepared to die and has told you his final wish.

Mission Requirements: 1. Settle the Kunde Race down and provide them with protection during the education period. 2. Take revenge against the mastermind that made use of the Kunde Race to deal with the Crimson Dynasty.

Failure Condition: Population of the Kunde Race less than 80% of the population at the start.

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Complete the first requirement. Reward: 6,000,000,000 Experience, +10,000 Kunde Race Favorability (Current Favorability: -1500, Relations.h.i.+p: [Hatred]), 2 Random Rewards, +4 Political a.s.sets (Kunde Race)

Han Xiao was truly excited. He was extremely pa.s.sionate about the abilities that could increase his strength.

The final skill, [Kunde Rage], also made his eyes light up.

Double Psychological Resistance was extremely powerful!

Han Xiao's Psychological Resistance had always been his weakness, and he was interested in any skill that could increase his Psychological Resistance.

Furthermore, it would also allow him to be immune to all negative mental statuses during a short period of time. It was almost akin to a skill that would give him immunity to all mental control abilities.

The skill required him to exhaust his health, and it required five percent of his health every second. His health would run out in twenty seconds, and this skill can only be maintained for forty seconds maximum. Most people would only be able to activate this skill for a few seconds.

However, Han Xiao's recovery was overpowered, and he would be able to recover ten percent of his health every second. Activating it for a full forty seconds would not be a problem.

The only thing that Han Xiao did not understand was the name of the skill.

Since you're angry, shouldn't your attack be increased? Why would your resistance be increased instead?

In any case, these three abilities are very useful. As long as I can complete the mission, my strength will be greatly increased. Especially [Proof of Leaders.h.i.+p]. It is best for me to obtain it as quickly as possible.

The second mission requirement was for him to take revenge on the mastermind. However, the mission did not explain what was considered revenge. He would have to figure that out on his own. In that regard, it was similar to G.o.dora's [Bloodline] mission.

However, the mission rewards were truly tempting, and Han Xiao would try his best to complete it.

Han Xiao was extremely satisfied with the unexpected reward.

After deactivating his long-distance projection, Tarrokov immediately gave a report to Urranrell. He sent over a record of the interrogation and Han Xiao's previous actions.

“You are saying that Black Star decided to change his mind after observing the captive? He feels that we should educate them instead?”


“Hmm…” Urranrell fell into deep thought. “What's the reason?”

“He said that it is for their population…” Tarrokov then briefly explained what Han Xiao had said.

Urranrell then nodded and said, “Since it is the opinion of our ally, we will have to consider it carefully.”

Black Star's value was much higher than the defeated Kunde Race. After all, a National Pillar was not common, but there were plenty of va.s.sal civilizations.

On top of that, Black Star contributed greatly in this war, and his opinion was highly regarded by the dynasty.

In truth, dealing with the Kunde Race was an ordinary matter to the dynasty, and it was not of great importance. Placing them in the territory of the Black Star Army was not an issue. It would not only increase the population of their ally's territory, and their ally would also be able to help look after the Kunde Race.

However, Black Star was not their only ally, and they had to balance the various opinions before deciding whether to give this piece of meat to Black Star.

As for dealing with the mastermind, the Kunde Race leader was not the only one who wanted to do so. The dynasty also had such intentions.

Although their opponent was the Kunde Race, the Star Cl.u.s.ter Civilization that had thrown out the bag of technology was the true culprit, and the dynasty did not plan to let the culprit go.

Furthermore, the exploration of the Flickering World had not been completed yet, and if they incited a few more native civilizations to create trouble, it would impede the dynasty's progress greatly.

As such, it would be impossible for the dynasty to allow the people creating trouble to get off scot free.

Han Xiao's intention was in line with the dynasty's plans.

“If that's the case, we should investigate which organization threw the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p into the Kunde Race.”

A cold glint could be seen in Urranrell's eyes.

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