The Legend Of Futian

Jing Wuhen - 净无痕

Chapter 2435 - Shameless?

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Chapter 2435: Shameless?

Up in the Six Desires Heavenly Palace, a deity-like silhouette sat cross-legged. On both sides of the stairway, there stood many cultivators. They were all extraordinary figures, and many of them were top-level Renhuangs.

Today, not just the cultivators of the Six Desires Heavenly Palace were present. The cultivators of other forces of Six Desires Heaven were also here.

Right then, the various cultivators were looking far into the distance. Si Ye brought over a white-haired youth. When he reached the bottom of the stairway, Si Ye bowed towards the silhouette on top of the Heavenly Palace and said, “Lord, I have brought the person you wanted.”

“Thank you for your efforts,” replied Lord Six Desires as he nodded his head. He sat on a golden futon cus.h.i.+on. Golden divine light also circled around him. He appeared divine and actually gave off a harmonious aura. The Six Desires Heavenly Palace was also like a true Heavenly Palace. It was covered in golden light everywhere. It faintly resembled a Buddhist holy land.

Si Ye stepped back to one side. Immediately, the gazes of the various cultivators landed on Ye Futian. Their looks were full of curiosity. This junior youth was the one who killed Great Elder Motian, an existence at the peak of Six Desires Heaven.

Lord Six Desires similarly sized up Ye Futian. Ye Futian bowed slightly at Lord Six Desires and greeted, “Lord Six Desires.”

“Hmm,” Lord Six Desires responded as he nodded at Ye Futian. He then said, “Ye Futian, why aren’t you cultivating in the Original Realm? Why have you come to the Western World?”

When Ye Futian heard the other party’s words, he revealed a strange look. This Lord Six Desires actually knew his ident.i.ty.

As expected, these giant-level figures were well-informed. Amidst the storm of events in the Original Realm, only the Western World was nowhere to be seen. This might be related to them practicing Buddhism. However, that did not mean that the Western World did not pay heed to the events in the Original Realm.

When Lord Six Desires asked him this, Ye Futian understood that the other party knew about the happenings in the Original Realm these past years. Otherwise, he would not have recognized Ye Futian.

Ye Futian said politely, “Since Lord Six Desires knows what has happened in the Original Realm, you must certainly know about what I have faced there. Due to that, I decided to come and train. For me, the Western World is an unknown land, and I also have no enemies here. That is why I chose to come here. However, I never imagined that I would be attacked by Great Elder Motian. I was forced to defend myself. I hope you may forgive my offense.” His tone was still calm.

Since Lord Six Desires knew of Ye Futian’s existence, how would he deal with Ye Futian?

When he heard Ye Futian’s explanation, Lord Six Desires nodded his head. He seemed to agree with what Ye Futian said. He then said, “I already know everything about the incident with Motian. Such things happen in the cultivation world. You naturally did not do anything wrong. Motian can only blame his lack of ability compared to you.”

As he said this, he introduced Ye Futian to the other cultivators, “Some of you may have heard about him, but most of you still do not know who he is. It turns out that he is the top monstrous figure, Ye Futian, who was once known as the ruler of the Original Realm. He discovered the teachings of several Great Emperors and inherited the world of Great Emperor Ziwei. He unified the various forces of the Original Realm but offended the major forces of the Divine Prefecture instead. Even Donghuang Imperial Palace came after him. Is what I said correct?”

“I am honored to have garnered the attention of Lord Six Desires,” said Ye Futian.

Lord Six Desires continued, “You provoked the hatred of the Divine Prefecture single-handedly and offended the Dark World and the Empty Divine Realm at the same time, becoming the talk of various major worlds. You are also the heir of Emperor Ye Qing, who was previously one of the two emperors of the Divine Prefecture. It is difficult not to pay attention to you. However, it is still a surprise that you appeared in Six Desires Heaven and killed Motian.” This caused the hearts of the cultivators who did not know Ye Futian to tremble.

This cultivator, who killed Great Elder Motian, actually had such a glorious past in the Original Realm?

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He was the heir of Emperor Ye Qing?

Ye Futian did not believe that it was so simple. Lord Six Desires had actually generously offered to take him in to cultivate in the Heavenly Palace. He would even guide Ye Futian in his cultivation and help him improve.

“I dare not accept your offer. I have no contribution worthy of the Heavenly Palace. I would not dare to accept your generosity and gain the protection of the Heavenly Palace,” said Ye Futian. He said this in a testing tone. He wanted to see what Lord Six Desires wanted exactly.

Lord Six Desires expounded, “Your talents and the techniques you cultivated are all treasures. While you cultivate, you can also help the members of the Heavenly Palace improve together with you. I will also be able to benefit greatly from this. If you are willing to go all out in sharing your resources with us, I believe that one day, you can become an absolute existence. When that time comes, aside from the Great Emperor, no one can stand against you.” His voice was calm and did not waver at the slightest. It was as though he was explaining an extremely simple matter.

When Ye Futian heard him say this, he felt chills down his spine. Before this, he had experienced Great Elder Motian’s ability firsthand. Compared with Lord Six Desires, Great Elder Motian’s methods were insignificant.

Great Elder Motian had at least tried to rob Ye Futian directly. As for Lord Six Desires, he had been extremely polite to Ye Futian ever since Ye Futian came to the Heavenly Palace. He was generous and praised Ye Futian, allowing him to join the Heavenly Palace to cultivate and provide protection.

However, Lord Six Desires was not just after one or two treasures, such as the divine body of Shenjia the Great Emperor. He wanted all the inheritances that Ye Futian possessed. He wanted to use everything that Ye Futian had to strengthen his own members.

This was plundering in the complete sense of the word. Lord Six Desires wanted to obtain his techniques and the teachings of the various Great Emperors. It was because Lord Six Desires knew about Ye Futian that he wanted everything Ye Futian had.

It was one thing for Lord Six Desire to try to obtain them by force. In his eyes, he seemed to think that he was helping Ye Futian and providing a win-win situation. It seemed that he thought that Ye Futian should be grateful to him and willingly surrender all that he possessed.

This was more than being shameless. Lord Six Desires had transcended shamelessness. From his point of view, it was righteous!

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