The Legend Of Futian

Jing Wuhen - 净无痕

Chapter 2434 - The Invitation

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Chapter 2434: The Invitation

Ye Futian didn’t expect things to become so much more complicated. Now, even Lord Six Desires—the most powerful man of Six Desires Heaven—was intervening.

He didn’t even know how Lord Six Desires could possibly know about what had just happened.

Obviously, the death of the Great Elder Motian was why he had dispatched someone to bring him to Six Desires Heavenly Palace.

Si Ye was an existence who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path. Her presence here could only mean that the confrontation with the Great Elder Motian had rippled through the entire Six Desires Heaven, especially amongst the peak cultivators in its upper echelon.

Ye Futian could have never imagined that right after he arrived in the Western World, he would be embroiled in disturbance of this degree in Six Desires Heaven.

“Jieyu, Uncle Tie, I will go with them, but you guys should leave,” Ye Futian said to Hua Jieyu and Blind Tie via voice transmission.

“Uncle Tie can take the others and leave,” Hua Jieyu responded to Ye Futian via voice transmission. She did not intend to leave. “I’m concerned. I will shadow you in secret.”

“Very well.” Ye Futian didn’t bother to insist. He and Hua Jieyu shared one mind and soul. He understood it was impossible for Hua Jieyu to leave him behind at this time, so he could only accept what she had decided to do.

The matter had escalated now. The presence of Blind Tie and the others would only become a burden, so he felt it was best to go by himself.

Blind Tie understood Ye Futian’s intention very well and agreed without saying much. Although he had cultivated to the peak of Renhuang, he was still a little helpless when partic.i.p.ating in battles that involved cultivators who had survived the Divine Tribulation of the Great Path. Only Ye Futian could battle such characters by using the body of Shenjia the Great Emperor.

Once he settled things, Ye Futian looked up at Si Ye’s phantom and replied, “How could I refuse an invitation from Lord Six Desires himself? Elder, please lead the way.”

Si Ye seemed a little surprised. She did not expect this young man in white, who had killed the Great Elder Motian, would be so amicable. She did not appear in person precisely because she was worried that she would end up like the Great Elder Motian. She was a little wary of Ye Futian because of what she saw of Great Elder Motian’s last moments.

“Very good. Let us depart, then,” Si Ye’s phantom replied. Immediately, those women in white turned around. Their figures drifted in the air as they were moving away. Ye Futian’s figure flickered as he proceeded to follow them.

“Teacher.” Fang Cun and Little Ling both had worry and anger in their eyes. They were worried because they were afraid that something would happen to Ye Futian. They had anger because they had already encountered danger several times since they had arrived. Why couldn’t these people just leave them alone?

Duo Yu clenched his fists tightly as if he resented his own lack of strength.

The event before them had left some impressions on the four youngsters. It made them more eager than ever to become more powerful.

On the contrary, Chen Yi appeared quite calm. Although he hadn’t known Ye Futian for very long, he had his own shares of crises. Ye Futian held many cards to his chest, and he had gone through a lot before and always emerged unscathed. Chen Yi was convinced that nothing would happen to Ye Futian this time either.

Blind Chen had once said that Ye Futian was a man of destiny. Chen Yi did not quite understand what exactly “destiny” meant in this instance, but there was no need for him to understand it.

He only knew that Blind Chen told him that he was meant to be the heir of the light, born to be exceptional, and destined to inherit the light.

And as the person who was destined to inherit the light, Blind Chen also told him to follow Ye Futian and serve him.

This request demonstrated the high esteem to which Blind Chen held Ye Futian.

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Because Chen Yi believed in Blind Chen, therefore he also trusted Ye Futian.

When Ye Futian heard the other’s answer, he immediately realized that it was probably because she did not want him to know. However, if the Great Elder Motian could manage to transmit the last moment of his demise to Lord Six Desires, he might have managed to leave a mark on him without his being aware of it.

Ultimately, the realm of Great Elder Motian was much more powerful than him. Other than that, he couldn’t really think of any other possibilities. After all, once he arrived in Six Desires Heaven, Great Elder Motian was the only one he had an altercation with. After slaying his opponent, he did not have contact with anyone else. They themselves were practically unknowns in this place.

Therefore, Great Elder Motian was still the key to all that had happened, but he had no idea what it was that made him so disagreeable to these people here.

Therefore, it seemed that no matter where he went, he may not escape the eyes of Lord Six Desires. If this matter were to be resolved, it was impossible for him to avoid going to Six Desires Heavenly Palace.

But, even Ye Futian had no clue what the outcome might be when he faced a cultivator who had survived a second Divine Tribulation of the Great Path.

Time pa.s.sed, and the group had traversed the endless distance. They finally came to the top of a divine mountain.

This divine mountain stood tall above the sky, suspended in the firmament, bordering the heavens. It was, in fact, the highest point of Six Desires Heaven.

The Six Desires Heavenly Palace was rumored to be the highest point of Six Desires Heaven.

At this moment, Ye Futian set foot on the divine mountain with Si Ye. Not far in front of him, a beautiful woman with extraordinary temperament was leading the way. It was Si Ye—the top cultivator of Six Desires Heaven. She was now in her true shape as they neared this location. She knew that Ye Futian could not easily escape and that he meant to follow through and had come here on his own accord.

Many people appeared, and they were swarmed by many divine consciousnesses as these emerging individuals tried to spy on Ye Futian. This white-haired young man in the Eighth-Realm of cultivation had managed to kill Great Elder Motian. Furthermore, he controlled a divine body, which was precisely the reason why he was able to obliterate a cultivator who had survived the Divine Tribulation with a single blow.

Si Ye took Ye Futian all the way upward and into the depths of the divine mountain. The Six Desires Heavenly Palace was now in his field of vision. When he saw that magnificent heavenly palace, Ye Futian was nonplussed, as his expression remained calm, and as usual, not showing much surprise. Si Ye, on the other hand, was amazed by his composure. This young man had come all this way without the slightest reaction. Could he really be this st.u.r.dy?

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