The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 97 – Spiritual Kitchen Expert

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Chapter 97 – Spiritual Kitchen Expert

Unsealing her dantian to enhance her strength was her top priority at the moment. Unfortunately, it just so happens that besides Nangong Yu, there was no other person she could think of to help her.

Heard the commotion outside, Wet Nurse Chen rushed to greet her Young Miss, yet was shocked upon seeing Nangong Yu sticking very closely to Hexi.

A strong and n.o.ble aura could be felt from Nangong yu’s body, while his face was so handsome that it could stun and dazzle a woman. It was simply too oppressive!

“Mi-Young…Young Master, you’ve returned?” Wet Nurse Chen cautiously watched Nangong Yu, still struggling to catch her breath as she asked, “And this person is…?”

Hexi glanced at Nangong Yu and saw his indifferent expression. With his ice cold eyes, it was like he was an immortal, looking at ordinary people as if they were ants. His aura was one that was so imposing that it deterred people from coming close, and compared to his appearance when he was in front of her, it was like there was two different people.

When Nangong Yu was like this, it more resembled the legendary King of h.e.l.l who was known to be cold hearted, cruel, and capable of killing without remorse, right?

“This is…Young Master Yu, and his subordinate, Bai Hu.” Hexi’s face was taut as she introduced them, reluctantly adding, “My circ.u.mstances nowadays is thanks to their help.”

Wet Nurse Chen uttered a shocked exclamation, and suddenly her expression as she looked at Nangong Yu and Bai Hu was full of gratefulness and admiration.

Hexi had purposely spoken vaguely, letting Wet Nurse Chan mistakenly believe that Hexi was able to escape from Gluttonous House, and to now also be able to have such strong skills, due to Nangong Yu. This was her Miss’s saviour!

Suddenly, her instinctual fear of Nangong Yu was forgotten as she politely invited the two guests to enter the house. Even Hexi was thrown to the back of her mind.

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“Young Master Yu, since you’ve come all this way to this small and remote courtyard, then it would be better if you could stay and have a meal. We don’t have much, but I can a.s.sure you that we have the most delicious spiritual foods in the entire Jin Ling city here! Young Master Yu, you must taste it!”

Hexi’s expression didn’t change as she lightly said, “Wet Nurse Chen only selfishly said nonsense, don’t believe it.”

“How can it be nonsense!” Wet Nurse Chen said anxiously, “Mi-Young…Young Master, anyone in this courtyard who’s eaten your cooking has highly praised it! If this old slave has lied, then let heaven’s thunder strike me!”

“If you say it like that, then I must definitely taste it.” Said Nangong Yu as he lightly smiled.

In Hexi’s heart she really wanted to be able seal Wet Nurse Chen’s mouth, but without the chance she could only gnash her teeth and say, “We don’t have enough fresh ingredients in this courtyard, let’s try it another day.”

This wasn’t a lie, because although the courtyard stored many foods, most of it was low rank spiritual beast meat used to prepare food for Xi Jia and the others. Xi Jia and the other’s bodies were way down on the cultivation line, so their food didn’t require much spiritual energy at all, but if Nangong Yu were to consume this low rank spiritual beast’s meat, the effect would be the opposite of the desired result.

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