The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 96 – Close Relationship

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Chapter 96 – Close Relationship

Hexi hadn’t left Ouyang Manor for long when a carriage suddenly came from behind, rushing to catch up, before finally stopping in her path.

A familiar snow white horse stood in front of her, kicking it’s front hoof as it snorted arrogantly with its nose.

The corner of Hexi’s mouth flattened and sure enough, soon the carriage’s curtain lifted, revealing Nangong Yu’s face which could turn all living things upside down.

“The distance from Yan Jing city to the remote suburbs is quite far, it would be better to let me send you Xi Er.”

Hexi didn’t hesitate in refusing, “We’re not going in the same direction, it’s too troublesome!”

Nangong Yu slightly smiled as he leisurely spoke, “Who’s not going in the same direction? This King just happens to be going to Cang Mountain to attend to some business. Xi Er, if you’re not going to get in, then this King will just have to force you like last time.”

Hexi felt the veins in her forehead pop, and eventually unable to resist a certain shameless man, she jumped onto the carriage with a cold face.

Before getting on though, she couldn’t help but glance towards the man driving the carriage.

Rather than seeing Qing Long, a refined looking gentleman wearing moon white brocade robes was sitting in the driver’s seat. Compared to Qing Long, this man’s facial features were far more outstanding, with sparkling eyes and a vivid and lively face. He and Qing Long were like polar opposites.

Noticing Hexi studying him, the man quickly hid his shock and displayed a carefree smile, saying, “h.e.l.lo, I’m one of Master’s personal servants, Bai Hu.”

Hexi nodded to him without speaking, instead hopping straight into the carriage.

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Bai Hu’s smile vanished as he murmured with astonishment, “My G.o.d, Master’s sweetheart is actually a man! A delicate youth on top of that, this news is really too much!”

Nangong Yu laughed, his voice clear and pleasant to listen to, “Xi Er, with our relationship, how can this King pa.s.s your house without entering?”

Hexi gnashed her teeth, fiercely saying, “What relationship do I have with you?”

Nangong Yu’s figure suddenly flashed as he leaned closer to her, murmuring in her ear, “Don’t you know? The kind with skin touching skin, a close physical relationship where partners are deeply attached to each other, that kind of relationship. Xi Er, are you still unable to remember?”

Seeing Hexi starting to get angry, he slowly made something up on the spot, “Not to mention, I’ve been working hard in order to lift the seal on Xi Er’s dantian. Don’t tell me I can’t get compensation in advance?”

Heard the words about unsealing her dantian, Hexi’s expression suddenly froze as she no longer had the confidence to retort.

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