The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 81 – How About You Give Your Heart To Me?

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Chapter 81 – How About You Give Your Heart To Me?

Hexi’s face reddened and she quickly threw the jade box containing the Yuan Yang Fruit into her s.p.a.ce. When she raised her head, she was stunned to notice Nangong Yu’s somewhat pale complexion, a thin layer of sweat dotting his forehead.

She suddenly realised that after the treatment she didn’t feel weak and tired like normal, instead, she felt refreshed.

Nangong Yu had incessantly transferred his spiritual power to her for the needed treatment, and during this time, he had also continuously used his spiritual power to support her body. This in turn stopped her body from becoming weak, and prevented her meridians from feeling pain due the to excessive use of spiritual power.

Nangong Yu, he…why did he do this? These were obviously her own matters, saving Ouyang Haoxuan in exchange for the Yuan Yang Fruit, then after obtaining the Yuan Yang Fruit, using it to remove the seal on her dantian. None of these things had anything to do with Nangong Yu, so why would he try so hard to help her?

The expression in Hexi’s eyes appeared somewhat complicated, and her red lips lightly moved as a near whisper spit out two words, “Thank you.”

But Nangong Yu’s next words quickly scattered the slightly touched feeling from the bottom of Hexi’s heart, “This King has been working hard, did you think only saying a sentence of ‘thank you’ was enough?”

Hexi pursed her lips, “Then what do you want?”

Nangong Yu bent his body, moving closer to her ear as he slowly said, “How about you give your heart to me?”

The corner of Hexi’s mouth thinned, and before she was able to speak, Ouyang Zhixiong had already ordered people to bring in a large chest of Yuan, “This is the medical fee my Ouyang family presents to Genius Doctor Xi, you must accept this.”

After saying that, he picked up a jade tablet and handed it to Hexi, then patted his chest as he said, “In the future, if there is anyone in this Jin Ling country who is disrespectful towards Genius Doctor Xi, don’t hesitate to take out this jade tablet. I’d like to see who would dare to touch people that I, Ouyang Zhixiong, protect.”

Hexi hadn’t yet taken the jade tablet when she heard Nangong Yu’s cold laugh, “My, Nangong Yu’s people, need General Ouyang’s protection?”

Nangong Yu’s icily low arrogant voice was filled with a stern power pressure, making Ouyang Zhixiong’s body shake, and as his gaze swept over Hexi and Nangong Yu, his heart became bewildered.

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These two people, one is great and elegant, and one is as clear and bright as the moon. When they stand together, even the sun and the moon will lose their radiance.

Left behind, Ouyang Zhixiong stood alone as he stared at the empty gate, his emotions fluctuating for quite a while before he then turned around, heading back towards his son’s room.


Hexi had arrived at the Ouyang Manor early in the morning, and now that the treatment was finished, going by the colour of the sky, it was already late evening.

She was worried about Wet Nurse Chen waiting for her with the evening meal, her heart also somewhat anxious. The internal energy within her body fluctuated, stretching like a shadow as she prepared to use Qing Gong to quickly return home.

Her figure had barely moved several steps when suddenly, before her eyes, she ran into a wall of flesh.

Hexi moaned softly, feeling the tip of her nose ache, while a familiar scent that was clear and cold lingered.

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