The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 75 – If It Can Be Treated?

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Chapter 75 – If It Can Be Treated?

The ambience in the room was already heavy and gloomy, yet on the bed, it seemed to gather a hundred fold.

The strong smell of medicine mixed together with a sour, mouldy smell, as if it was trying to create the world’s gloomiest atmosphere.

Ouyang Haoxuan had been lying down in this kind of dark room. His features cold, his skin appearing a pale ashen colour, while his eyes were bloodshot in deep set sockets.

At this time, these eyes were fixedly staring at her, not a trace of hope visible, only endless darkness filled with coldness and despair.

Obviously, compared to Wu Qi, this person’s condition was more severe, regardless of whether it was his body or his spirit.

Hexi focused, grabbing his wrist to take his pulse.

Once she took his pulse, her eyebrows furrowed.

Just like she thought, Ouyang Haoxuan’s illness, compared to Wu Qi’s, was several times more severe.

The meridians throughout his body appeared to be fractured, while several fractures were in extremely crucial places. Once they were severed, forget about only losing spiritual power, just normally sitting or standing up to walk would be unachievable.

And most importantly, there was the trace of a highly toxic poison within Ouyang Haoxuan’s body, causing his meridians to wither day by day. The poison that resided in his body was the kind that if he attempted to use his internal energy, the poison would feed off it, gradually increasing and spreading.

So although fractured meridians would cause the body to be unable to operate and cultivate, a martial artist used their internal energy to live, how could they stop using that? Thus, this poison would keep acc.u.mulating until it spread throughout the body, eventually entering the dantian.

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Hexi didn’t know what kind of poison it was, but she thought that the person who used this poison to sever his meridians was extremely sinister.

Ouyang Zhixiong quickly said, “Genius Doctor Xi, as long as you’re able to cure my son, my Ouyang family is willing to agree to any of your conditions.”

Hexi tapped her fingers on the table, then turned her head to look around, and suddenly, in a heavy voice said, “Open all the windows, remove this thick bed sheet, and extinguish all the candles. I need this room to be bright with daylight.”

Madam Ouyang and Ouyang Zhixiong jumped in shock.

Madam Ouyang immediately crying out in fear, “Absolutely not, ever since Haoxuan fell ill, with only a slight breeze and sunshine, his whole body will ache incessantly and spasm as dark spots appear on his skin. You…are you really a Genius Doctor, could it be that you want to kill my Xuan Er?”

At this time, even Ouyang Zhixiong was bewildered, not daring to speak.

However, Hexi only sneered, and suddenly taking out a medicinal pill, she stuffed it into Ouyang Haoxuan’s mouth, “I a.s.sure you, even when he is blown by the wind or exposed to the sun, he’ll be all right. You can all either choose to believe in what I’m doing, or just find someone better qualified than me.”

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