The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 681

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Chapter 681

The manservant hurriedly said: “It is true . The crown prince even brought a few large boxes of betrothal gifts, indicating that he is here to propose . ”

“Aiya, he… why didn’t he discuss it with me?” Nalan Feixue covered her flushed face and said shyly, “I… I’m not mentally prepared at all!”

Mrs . Nalan drove the manservant off, and she said with a happy face, “Silly girl, he is the crown prince, and he has a lot of opportunities every day . How can he have time to discuss with you? Now that he is willing to come personally to propose, it means how important you are to him . ”

“Mother~” Nalan Feixue yelled nonchalantly, then she hurriedly said, “Siqin, quickly, take out my set of pleated Luanfeng natural silk skirt, and that set of eight-treasure azure stone jewelry…”

In the main hall at this time, Nalan Ziyun and Nalan Zhengze were already warmly hosting Prince Shangguan Qi .

Shangguan Qi held the teacup in his hand and raised his eyes to a.s.sess Nalan Mansion . Although there was a gentle smile on his face, he could not hide the arrogance and pride in his eyes .

In Shangguan Qi’s view, he was the crown prince of Jinling Kingdom . Except for the emperor and the untouchable King of h.e.l.l, the other people in Jinling Kingdom were just his subjects . It was natural for them to treat him respectfully .

He could condescend himself to come personally to the Nalan Mansion to propose, the people of the Nalan Mansion were of course in fear and trepidation .

But after all, Nalan Ziyun was once his fellow apprentice, so his att.i.tude was a little more casual, “Your Highness, you like my second sister, how come you don’t tell me at the Breaking Spirit Mountain and Qixing Palace? I heard you and my sister know each other a long time ago, how did you two meet?”

Shangguan Qi was taken aback . I remembered that I’m going to marry the Third Miss of the Nalan Mansion . Did I remember it wrongly?

When did I meet Nalan Feixue?

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When he was about to express his doubts, he heard a maid saying, “Master, Madam and Second Miss are here . ”

At this moment, seeing the infatuation in Shangguan Qi’s eyes, she immediately smiled brightly, “Brother prince, it has been a long time since the last time we left Fanyun Mountain . Feixue has always missed the brother prince . If you didn’t help Feixue in the Fanyun Mountain, I don’t know how much hardship I have to suffer . I really didn’t expect brother prince to come to our Nalan Mansion today…”

At the end, her face was flushed, and she lowered her head shyly .

The well-behaved and submissive look was completely different from her usual stubborn, willful, domineering look .

Nalan Zhengze was extremely satisfied .

He just wanted Hexi to replace Nalan Feixue to marry Zhu Zhongba, so that she would be tortured by Zhu Zhongba . By the time, she would know the benefits of the Nalan Family .

When she was desperate, Ziyun and Zhengze would help her again . He didn’t have to worry about her not handing over An Lingyue’s relics?

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