The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 680

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Chapter 680

The seed of Purple Abyss Vine had not yet grown, so it didn’t have any intelligent and spiritual fluctuation . It was similar to an ordinary bean, so the enchantment wouldn’t respond to it certainly .

There was an innocent look on her face instead, “But dad, I really don’t know what relic mom left behind . How do you let me hand it over?”

Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Ziyun’s face suddenly turned gloomy . There was no longer the fake affection in their eyes . There was only coldness coming out from them .

“Since that’s the case . ” Nalan Zhengze said slowly, “Since you are so stubborn, then don’t blame dad for doing nothing . The Zhu Family will send someone to send the betrothal gifts in these two days . Seven days later, they will carry you to the sedan chair . You can only rely on and in the days to come, do it yourself!”

With that said, as he was about to chase Nalan Hexi out of the study room, he suddenly heard hurried footsteps outside the door .

“Master, Master, the crown prince is visiting us . ”

“Crown prince?” Nalan Zhengze took both Nalan Ziyun and Nalan Hexi out of the study room, then he carefully locked the door before asking the manservant who was out of breath . “Why would the crown prince visit our Nalan Mansion?”

Nalan Ziyun’s expression remained unchanged, and he smiled proudly, “Father, have you forgotten? The crown prince is my second fellow apprentice at the Qixing Palace . It is normal for him to visit me . ”

A smile appeared on Nalan Zhengze’s face . just about to give Nalan Ziyun a word .

As he was about to praise Nalan Ziyun, the manservant shook his head repeatedly, “No… no, I heard that this time… the crown prince is here to make a propose!”

“Propose?” Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Ziyun exclaimed at the same time .

Immediately, Nalan Zhengze’s face quickly showed a happy smile .

He already knew whom Prince Shangguan Qi had come to propose for! It must be his second daughter, Nalan Feixue .

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Nalan Zhengze heard Feixue talk about it more than once . She had encountered the crown prince while traveling, and he took good care of her .

After thinking for a while, the manservant hurried to the Second Miss’ room . Regardless of whether the master’s order was right or wrong, he just had to follow it .


“What?! You… You said that the crown prince is here to propose?!”

Nalan Feixue bounced off the bed suddenly . Because she touched her wound, she grinned in pain, but the joy on her face couldn’t be concealed .

Mrs . Nalan was also full of smile,: “Are you sure that the person who came to propose is the crown prince instead of the fat pig of the Zhu Family?”

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