The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 675

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Chapter 675

Qing Luan squeezed his throat tightly, and her eyes were flashing a killing intent .

The black-shirted man was horrified . His mouth was widened, and his eyes were full of pleading .

Hexi looked at him condescendingly and whispered, “I ask, you answer . Don’t say anything redundant, otherwise I can only use Soul Search . Who sent you?”

The black-shirted man opened his mouth, but he realized that he could not make a sound . He could only try his best to say three words with his mouth shape, “It is master!”

Sure enough, it is Nalan Zhengze .

“What did he ask you to do?”

This time, Qing Luan finally let go of the black-shirted man’s throat, but she put a dagger on his neck .

The black-shirted man said in a trembling voice, “Master, master asked us to check everything that Miss has touched during the day, and… and he also let us dispose of the two personal maids brought by Miss . ”

Hexi nodded slowly and smiled, “I understand . Just dispose of him then . ”

As Qing Luan heard that, her eyes were still indifferent . The dagger on the black-shirted man’s throat swept fiercely .

The black-shirted man didn’t even make a sound, and he was dead .

Smelling the b.l.o.o.d.y smell in the room, Hexi frowned, preventing Qing Luan from moving .

Purple Abyss Vine silently drilled from her sleeve, swinging her leaves excitedly .

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The next moment, Qing Luan was shocked to see that the purple vines rolled up a few people on the ground and started crunching them .

This time, the door of the study room was knocked and Nalan Ziyun hurried in .

Nalan Zhengze hurriedly asked, “How, have you found the trail of those death warriors?”

“No . ” Nalan Ziyun shook his head . “Dad, did you make a mistake? Nalan Hexi doesn’t have any cultivation . The maids around her are just at the Qi Refining Stage . They don’t look like they can kill eight Meridians Stage experts . ”

“Moreover, I checked all around her house today . There is no trace of fighting and blood . I don’t think anyone has died there . ”

Nalan Zhengze’s frown was still tight, and he became even more restless . “But those death warriors were clearly sent by me to investigate Nalan Hexi . Why would they suddenly lose contact? Is it that someone is helping that s.l.u.t? Could it be the Xi Yue that you mentioned? Did he kill all the death warriors I sent?”

Nalan Ziyun shook his head and snorted, “Although Xi Yue’s medical skills are superb, his cultivation base was only at the Foundation Establishment Stage . Father, you sent out eight Meridians Stage experts . Even if Xi Yue came, how could he deal with them . ”

“And today I took Nalan Hexi to Shengde Hall . No one in Shengde Hall knew Nalan Hexi at all . I was even being ridiculed by those ignorant servants . Hmph!”

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