The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 672

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Chapter 672

Hexi walked slowly to Mrs . Naran, squatted down in front of her, reached out, and gently stroked her pleated collar .

Mrs . Naran shuddered as her teeth giggled .

At this moment, the girl’s clear voice slowly pa.s.sed into her ears, “Murong Yaru, do you think that I’m still the former Nalan Hexi who used to be bullied by you?”

She got close to Mrs . Nalan’s ear and whispered, “Let me tell you a secret . The Nalan Hexi was dead before, and died in the hands of your baby daughter, Nalan Feixue . Now the person standing in front of you is the Hexi coming back from h.e.l.l . You tell me, how should I retaliate against people who had bullied me before?”

“You… you… I…” Mrs . Naran’s pupils contracted, and her body cramped . The fear on her face had become chaotic and mad .

Hexi stood up with satisfaction . She no longer looked at Mrs . Nalan on the ground, then she left the Heng Fang Courtyard slowly .

A moment later, a hysterical cry of Mrs . Naran could be heard from Heng Fang Courtyard .

“Ghost…Ghost! She is a ghost… She is here to kill… No! She is a monster; she’s a terrible monster…Save me… Come and save me!”

The shrilling cry spread to every corner of Nalan Mansion, making everyone panic .

In the afternoon, the news of Mrs . Nalan’s disorder relapsing reached Hexi’s ears, and she couldn’t help laughing .

How can this be considered a relapse?

It’s just a small appetizer . The real show is still behind!

She said earlier that these people owe Nalan Hexi debt, and she will one day take them all back for her!


“My name is Cui Zhu . ”

“My name is He Xiang . ”

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“We are specially selected by the young master to serve Miss . ”

These two maids look better than her, their cultivation is comparable to me, and they even know how to talk nicely, if… if Miss really treats them as confidants, what should I do?

Seeing that He Xiang was about to step forward to support Hexi, Mai Xiang immediately stepped forward and squeezed away He Xiang, “Miss doesn’t like stranger touching her . ”

He Xiang was staggered, and her pretty face immediately showed an aggrieved expression .

The tears were about to drop in her eyes, and she looked at Hexi like she wanted to talk but couldn’t .

Hexi tapped Mai Xiang’s head . She was just smiling without talking .

She didn’t even look at the pitiful He Xiang, but she walked out of the courtyard to a.s.sess this Xin Yue House .

It was too late yesterday, so she could not take a closer look .

Now she realized that this Xin Yue House actually gave her a wonderful sense of familiarity .

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