The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 671

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Chapter 671

This guy had changed his att.i.tude 180 times since he knew her ident.i.ty and value of use .

Sometimes Hexi even had gooseb.u.mps when she heard the words he said, and he could shout it out without psychological hindrance .

Mrs . Nalan’s facial muscle was twitching due to anger after being disturbed by Nalan Ziyun . She raised her voice, “How dare you! Nalan Ziyun, you… do you know what you are doing? Who gives you the courage to hurt my maid!”

“I give! Are you done?” The majestic voice of Nalan Zhengze came from outside the door . When he saw Nalan Ziyun protecting in front of Nalan Hexi, he showed a satisfied expression . Then, his eyes were dark .

When he looked at Mrs . Naran, her eyes were full of disgust and impatience . “What are you shouting at? Can’t you be like a Family Mistress?”

“Hexi and Ziyun are both children of my Nalan Family . You as a mother should take good care of them . Is this how you take care of them?”

Mrs . Nalan still wanted to say something . When she met Nalan Zhengze’s fierce eyes, she suddenly froze, and she dared not speak again .

Nalan Zhengze waved his hand and said, “Okay, Hexi, you have already greeted . You can go back . If you aren’t comfortable staying here, just talk to Ziyun . If anyone in this mansion dare to bully you, dad and Ziyun will support you . ”

With that, he glared at Mrs . Naran as if he was warning her, “If you let Hexi feel aggrieved again, don’t blame me for keeping you in this Heng Fang Courtyard, and you will be able to see anyone . ”

Now that Murong Mansion was eliminated, Murong Yaru was a person of no use in Nalan Zhengze’s eyes .

And after seeing the madness of this woman, Nalan Zhengze didn’t want to approach her even one step . He was disgusted when he looked at her .

After he instructed, he didn’t have the patience to bother about it, and he left hurriedly .

Nalan Ziyun remembered the conversation he just had just with Hexi and hurried up .

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In the room, only Hexi and Mrs . Naran were left, as well as some maids .

Mrs . Nalan covered her face and looked at the girl with a normal appearance in disbelief .

She felt that she was more and more unfamiliar with Nalan Hexi .

Is she still the humble and pitiful girl who could only kneel in front of me and cry?

Why is her eyes so sharp? Why is her smile so infiltrating?

Seeing Hexi approaching her step by step, Mrs . Naran stepped back with a frightened hand .

She shivered, “You… what do you want to do? I tell you, if you dare to touch me, you will not get away with it!”

She looked at the maids around her in terror, but what she saw was that they were all knocked out by Hexi’s maid .

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