The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 669

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Chapter 669

Nalan Yurong was arguably the best existence of Nalan Family’s generation . There wasn’t anyone else like her .

At the age of twenty, she became the disciple of the Great Elder, Master Xukong of the Doctors a.s.sociation Great with outstanding talent and a top secret recipe of the Nalan Family .

Although there were many disciplines under Master Xukong, there were only a few girls . Nalan Yurong was a rare beauty, so she was the favorite of her master and fellow disciples .

In addition, Nalan Yurong also fought for herself . She became a fourth rank doctor within ten years after becoming Master Xukong’s disciple . Her pill refining skill had also become the third rank . Even her cultivation had also reached the Condensation Period .

Such an excellent existence made Nalan Family regard Nalan Yurong as the future of the Nalan Family . Even Nalan Zhengze looked proud when he talked about his elder daughter .

Mrs . Nalan’s disorder, that even Nalan Zhengze was helpless, was healed by a pill that Nalan Yurong got from Master Xukong .

Thinking of this daughter, how could Mrs . Naran not be proud? Even if Murong Family was exterminated, as long as her daughter was still there, her status in Nalan Mansion would not be changed .

Nalan Feixue was overjoyed . She grabbed Mrs . Nalan’s hands and said, “Mum, are you telling the truth? Elder sister is really coming back? She will really stick up for me?”

“I have received the news from your elder sister that she will be here in a few days . ” Mrs . Nalan’s eyes looked sullen as she said coldly, “You can rest a.s.sured . Just let that little b.i.t.c.h be arrogant for two more days . When your elder sister has arrived, her good days will come to an end . ”

Nalan Feixue nodded again and again . Her hands were violently grasping the quilt under her . Even blue veins burst out on the back of her hands as if she was s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g Nalan Hexi’s head at the moment .

That’s right, I have to endure until elder sister comes back .

With elder sister supporting me, I want to see how arrogant can the b.i.t.c.h be!

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He gritted his teeth in anger, but he still smiled gently and amiably on the surface . His eyes were glittering as he looked at Hexi . It looked like their relationship was profound, and they trusted and loved each other .

When approaching the Heng Fang Courtyard where Mrs . Naran was staying, Nalan Ziyun couldn’t help but ask the question that had buried in his heart .

“Sister, I dreamed of my mum last night . Mum was crying in my dream . It was so heartbreaking . When I woke up in the morning, even my pillow was soaked in tears . . ” Nalan Ziyun said while expressing a sad expression .

Hexi raised his eyebrows and watched his performances . She half smiled without talking .

Nalan Ziyun felt spooky being watched by her . He couldn’t help smiling, “Sister, don’t you want to know why mum was crying?”

Hexi chuckled lightly, “At least it wasn’t because her daughter is not filial, at least I never saw my mum crying in my dreams . ”

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