The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 666

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Chapter 666

“I will also check Nalan Hexi here to see if I can find clues from her . We must have An Lingyue’s relics in our hands . This is our hope for the rise of Nalan Mansion . ”

Nalan Ziyun nodded his head with a smile full of greed .

As long as I can get those pill refining and cultivation books, I will one day be able to trample on Xi Yue under my feet . By the time, let’s see how arrogant can he be in front of me .

The two father and son looked at each other and smiled . Their expressions were full of greed and excitement .

But they didn’t realize that at the corner of the room, a small gecko was laying there quietly, listening to the conversation between the two .

After 15 minutes, everyone in the study room left . Only then the little gecko carefully left the study room .

The little gecko quickly returned to the room where Hexi lived . As soon as it entered the room, he shook his head and turned into a cute little tyrannosaurus .

He shouted, “Boss, listen to me, I heard a shocking news . ”

Hexi was drinking the tea made by Azhu in her room at this time . Azhu’s character was cold and she was not good at cooking, but she did know how to make an excellent tea .

Hearing the little Golden Dragon keeping shouting, she couldn’t help laughing, “What’s the shocking news? For example, I’m not Nalan Zhengze’s biological daughter?”

The words that Little Golden Dragon wanted to say suddenly went back into his mouth . He stuttered after a while, “Bo… Boss, so you knew it already, but… how did you know?”

Hexi sneered as she said casually, “I guess it . What did they discuss? You tell me in detail . ”

Little Golden Dragon did not conceal, and he immediately repeated the conversation between the two .

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At the end, Little Golden Dragon couldn’t help laughing, “Boss, don’t you think they are very funny? In the end, I even heard Nalan Ziyun said that Xi Yue seduced Nalan Hexi to get An Lingyue’s relics . They actually said that you seduce yourself, hahaha…”

But, is Nalan Hexi’s brother really dead?

Hexi remembered that Nalan Yanming regarded her as his younger brother in the Baicao Garden . He clearly said that his younger brother was missing instead of dead .

Little Golden Dragon hovered in the air for a while, then he suddenly remembered something . He quickly said again, “By the way, boss, there is something very strange . ”

“There is a very powerful enchantment in a corner of the study room of Nalan Zhengze . I only got a little closer, and I felt a terrifying power . Moreover, it’s just a little bit closer, Nalan Zhengze actually discovered and looked back . ”

“I think he must have hidden something in his study room . ”

Hexi narrowed her eyes, “You’re almost at the early stage of the Golden Core, that enchantment can actually terrify you?”

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