The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 664

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Chapter 664

“Don’t panic!” Nalan Zhengze stood up and patted Nalan Ziyun’s back . He said with a soft tone and an amiable and gentle face, “You’re my real son of Nalan Zhengze . This can’t be wrong . But your mother is not An Lingyue . And……”

Nalan Zhengze stopped a moment, and deep jealousy and resentment were reflected in his squinted eyes, “Nalan Hexi is not my daughter . ”

Nalan Ziyun’s eyes widened sharply, “Nalan Hexi, she… she is not your child? Is it true about what mother said? An Lingyue is really a s.l.u.tty woman . Not only she was dishonest to her husband, she even gave birth to the child of another man?!”

“Shut up—!!!” Nalan Zhengze shouted fiercely and slammed heavily on a chair on the side .

The chair creaked, and it shattered into powder .

Nalan Ziyun was shocked . He stared at Nalan Zhengze in fear and trepidation with a pale face .

He didn’t understand why his father suddenly burst into rage .

Nalan Zhengze took a deep breath . After a long time, he calmed down and said, “This person and this matter will not be mentioned in the future!”

Nalan Ziyun hurriedly bowed .

But his eyes glanced at Nalan Zhengze secretly, seeing his gruesome and twisted face, he couldn’t help but feel a little palpitations .

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Nalan Zhengze’s eyes filled with too much l.u.s.t, hatred, longing, unwillingness and jealousy, and they finally all turned into greed .

Nalan Zhengze’s eyes looked complicated and distant, and his voice had a strong emotion, “An Lingyue is a shocking talent, and she is so wise . She would never let her daughter be so mediocre . She must have kept those secret books with a secret method, then sealed them on Nalan Hexi . Only those who trigger certain conditions can open them . ”

“Don’t you find that now Nalan Hexi has changed from her previous self? I think the seal on her may have been unlocked . ”

Nalan Ziyun hadn’t seen Nalan Hexi before, and he only heard about her before, so he didn’t have any deep feelings about it .

He frowned, “Even if she isn’t a coward anymore, Hexi is still just an ordinary person . I’m sure she doesn’t have any spiritual power fluctuations . If An Lingyue really left something for her, how could she still be a waste? ”

Nalan Zhengze suddenly took out a medicinal pill and said to Nalan Ziyun, “You should know about this medical pill right?”

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