The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 660

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Chapter 660

The original insult also turned into howling for mercy .

The servants who were knocked down by Qing Luan wanted to rush over and help as they heard Naran Feixue’s cry for help .

But when they saw dozens of purple vines extended from Hexi’s wrist, they were shocked .

Those purple vines wiggled in the air with mighty . Some occasionally fell down and hit the ground with a slapping sound, even the bricks on the ground are cracked .

Xiang Lan was shivering in fear .

She remembered her arrogance toward Nalan Hexi, and she felt anxious at the moment .

Seeing the purple vines waving in the air, they seemed to be hitting her at any time, giving her a heavy blow .

At this moment, she suddenly saw a few figures not far away were rushing here as they heard the sound .

It was Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Ziyun!

Xiang Lan was overjoyed, and she almost rolled and crawled on the ground toward Nalan Ziyun, shouting loudly, “Master, young master, help, help me–!!!”

“Second Miss is almost beating by Third Miss to death! Help!–”

After Nalan Ziyun settled Nalan Hexi, he went to report to Nalan Zhengze, and he thought that Nalan Zhengze didn’t care about Hexi .

But who knows, when Nalan Zhengze heard that Hexi had arrived, he immediately said that he wanted to see her now .

Nalan Ziyun was a little displeased, but he still led Nalan Zhengze respectfully .

Just entering the backyard, they heard a noise . It vaguely mixed with the familiar screaming and howling .

Then he saw his maid, Xiang Lan came over and knelt in front of him .

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However, when Nalan Ziyun heard Xiang Lan’s words, he was obviously startled, “Who is beating who to death?”

It took a long time for him to scold loudly, “What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

Xiang Lan and Nalan Feixue’s servants and maids saw Nalan Zhengze as if they saw a savior . They quickly knelt in front of him, keeping shouting “Master, please help us” .

Nalan Feixue looked weak . She crawled beside Nalan Zhengze’s feet, grabbing her clothes . Her tears kept streaming down, “Father, save me… save me, that b.i.t.c.h wants to kill me!”

A useless person with no cultivation is going to kill Naran Feixue at the Foundation Establishment stage? Moreover, Feixue is still even being beaten to the ground and crying?

Nalan Zhengze’s gaze became fierce as he looked at Hexi, then it was glittering again .

What does this represent? Does it mean that An Lingyue really left a life-saving thing for Hexi?

As long as we Nalan Family can get this treasure…

Nalan Ziyun also caught up at this time, scolding toward Xiang Lan: “Don’t just keep crying there! Quickly tell father what happened . ”

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