The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 653

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Chapter 653

Nalan Ziyun could not help but frown . Maybe it wasn’t that Naran Feixue was useless, but someone saved Nalan Hexi . That person was probably Xi Yue!

When thinking of Xi Yue, Nalan Ziyun gritted his teeth .

The b.a.s.t.a.r.d put shame on me in front of the prince and my fellow apprentices . One day, I will certainly make the boy pay the price!

At this time, Nalan Ziyun’s manservant had stepped forward to knock on the door . A maid dressed in plain clothes opened the door .

As soon as Nalan Ziyun’s manservant saw her, he said arrogantly, “Why are you so slow? Step aside quickly, let our young master go in and ask Third Miss to hurry out and greet him . ”

But the maid was unmoved . She just looked at them coldly, “Who are you?”

“Hey, little maid, do you understand the rules? You don’t even know us?” The manservant was immediately ashamed into anger, “Look clearly, we are the people of Nalan Family . The man behind me is Nalan Mansion’s young master . You stop dilly-dallying blocking my young master . Do you still want to work here?”

“Oh, you are from the Nalan Mansion . ” That girl showed a meaningful expression, then she shut the door heavily . A cold voice came from behind the door, “Wait, I will inform Miss . ”

The manservant’s nose was crooked when the door was suddenly closed, covering his face while snorting .

Nalan Ziyun sneered .

Nalan Hexi really regards herself as Miss . She is just a useless waste . She even dares to make me wait!

Thinking of this, Nalan Ziyun raised his foot and stomped on the door .

The door cracked and collapsed, and Nalan Ziyun strode in with a sneer of disdain .

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The manservant also endured the pain and walked behind Nalan Ziyun with an arrogant face . He couldn’t help shouting, “Where is the mammy and butler who are in charge of the courtyard? Master and Madam instructed you to take care of the Third Miss . Is this how you all do things? Since when can a little maid show her angry face to our young master… ”

Nalan Ziyun was full of anger . As he was about to get rage, he heard a woman’s cold voice from the front, “Miss is in the backyard . Come in then!”

It was a woman with a cold look and sharp eyes, but her features were not so obvious .

Although she was dressed as a maid, and her cultivation couldn’t be seen clearly, the fierce vibe seemed to be released from her bone, making Nalan Ziyun chill .

Nalan Ziyun gritted his teeth and followed behind the maid . He wanted to see what Nalan Hexi wanted to do .

As soon as he entered the backyard, he saw a slim girl sitting in front of the hall and drinking tea leisurely .

She wore the plainest clothes without any accessories on her head . It made her yellowish face and puffy eyelids looked even more down .

Nalan Ziyun immediately showed a disgusted expression .

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