The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 651

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Chapter 651

Such medicinal pills… There are actually such medicinal pills in the world!

Shen Sen took a deep breath . His gaze looking at Hexi was no longer simply awe, but they were rather complicated .

Such a shockingly brilliant boy was definitely not their Qingxia Sect could contain, or even this Miluo Continent .

“Xi Yue, this medicinal pills, can our Shen Family buy them?”

“Of course . ” Hexi did not hesitate . “You can contact Gu Liufeng if you need to buy . He will be responsible for setting the market volume and the price of medicinal pills . I will let him give a cheaper price for the Shen Family . ”

As soon as Hexi thought that she still had to support Ouyang Zhixiong’s entire 100,000 armies, she instantly felt stress .

One could never say that he had too much crystal stone .

Hearing Gu Liufeng ’s name, Shen Qingchuo couldn’t help but pursed her mouth and asked, “Brother Xi Yue, is that Gu Liufeng really your brother? Do you know why he wears a mask every day? I let him take it off, but he was unwilling to take it down . I hate him the most . ”

Hexi shook her head and smiled, “Liufeng naturally has his reason to wear a mask . ”

“Little girl, stop the nonsense!” Shen Sen knocked on his niece’s little head, “I let you stay with me, but it isn’t for you to mess with Master Gu and Xi Yue . If you cause more trouble again, I will send you back home! ”

Shen Qingchuo immediately looked dejected . Her eyes were full of indignation .

But then she couldn’t help but look at Hexi, “Brother Xi Yue, do you know where Gu Liufeng went today? I’ve searched Shengde Hall all over, but I can’t find him . This bad guy said that my technique is bad yesterday . I practiced well after I went back last night . Today, I have to let him say that I did well . ”

Hexi thought for a while and said, “If he is not in Shengde Hall, he may be in Virtue Home . ”

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Although Virtue Home was left to Zhou Yanan to take care of, it was founded by Gu Liufeng after all, and Gu Liufeng liked all the children who had similar experiences with him .

She hurriedly pushed open the door . As she was just about to shout Gu Liufeng’s name, she was immediately stunned by the scene in front of her .

The tall slender Gu Liufeng was squatting on the ground at this moment .

A little girl with a croissant lay on his back and giggled .

In front of him, stood a six- or seven-year-old boy, who was making gestures with excitement while he was talking to Gu Liufeng .

As he was jumping around, suddenly the boy’s hand hit Gu Liufeng’s face .

The mask that had covered up his face fell down, revealing a clear and enchanting look .

It was just that on this near-perfect face, there was a long red scar which looked hideous… and sad under the sun .

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