The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 650

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Chapter 650

During this time, Xi Yue asked Xi San to send many upper grade medicinal pills, but she always disappeared .

Shen Sen guessed that he was busy helping his master to refine pills, but now that he saw Xi Yue again, he was a little uncertain .

“Xi Yue, has your cultivation improved again?” When Shen Sen asked this sentence, he couldn’t help but sigh .

How long has this Xi Yue been separated from us? Has it been a month? Her cultivation is improved again?

At this point, she has already reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage, and she almost enters the Meridians stage .

With such qualities and talents, I can’t even find anyone like her from the talented cultivators among Qingxia Sect right?

What’s more, he is still good at pill refining and medical skills . If… if I can s.n.a.t.c.h this kind of talent back to Qingxia Sect …

“I was just enlightened a little . ” Hexi simply brushed her cultivation’s matter off . She just looked like she was at the Foundation Establishment stage on the surface . If the others knew that she almost reached the Gold Core stage, hehe…

She took out two palm-sized porcelain bottles and handed them to Shen Sen, “Elder Shen, I want to give these two bottles of medicinal pills to Qingxia Sect . I hope they can help you . ”

Shen Qingchuo wanted to get the things in Shen Sen’s hand to take a look, then she said, “Brother Xi Yue, why you only give my uncle? What about me? I am also very good to you!”

Hexi laughed, and she took another bottle from her arm and threw it to her . She said with a smile, “I refine this just for fun . It doesn’t help much for cultivation, but it is still a nice pill . I will give this to Miss Shen . ”

Shen Qingchuo took the medicinal pills and opened the bottle with excitement, but there was no spirit and fragrance coming from the pills .

She suddenly frowned and said, “Brother Xi Yue, how can you be so mean? Why do you give me these medicinal pills without spiritual power? What are these medicinal pills?”

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“Youth Retaining Pill . ” Hexi’s answer was simple . “After taking it, you can maintain your appearance for a hundred years . It really is not a rare thing …”

Hexi said with a smile, “These two bottles are the fourth grade spirit healing pill and fourth grade meridians cleansing pill . Spirit healing pill can instantly recover spiritual power, and you don’t have to absorb it with spiritual power . For martial artists at the Gold Core stage, it can recover 100% spiritual power; Nascent Soul stage martial artists can only replenish one-third of their spiritual power . ”

“As for meridians cleansing pill, it is mainly to remove impurities from the martial artists meridians and expand the meridians to accommodate more spiritual power . I don’t know how effective it is, even the name was decided by Xi San . ”

The best quality pill; this is the legendary best quality pill!!

This was Shen Sen’s first time to see the best quality pill . His mood could hardly be described in words .

When he just took the fourth grade spirit healing pill, the feeling that his meridians were instantly filled with spiritual power seemed to remain in his heart .

With such medicinal pills, he could almost be invincible in battle .

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