The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 649

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Chapter 649

On the side, Purple Abyss Vine soared into the sky and swayed in the sky . She looked at Little Dumb Cow with a threatening gaze .

Little Egg shook his fist in Hexi’s arms and shouted, “We will really beat you!”

Little Dumb Cow looked at them in a silly manner, then he ran to Hexi’s feet with short legs, spinning around her excitedly .

The dumb cute cow with slow reaction didn’t understand that the bosses in the void were threatening him .

Hexi looked at the group of little guys, only to feel a headache .

She always felt that her own void would only become more and more chaos in the future . When she thought that, the back of her head started to hurt again .


Because of the cooperation plan proposed by Hexi, Shen Sen and several disciplines partic.i.p.ating in Big Hunting Match stayed in Yanjing City .

In order to obtain medical pills from Hexi easily, their Qingxia Sect decided to set up a branch in Yanjing City as a window for the cooperation with Shengde Hall .

The person in charge is the elite discipline of several Gold Core stages partic.i.p.ating in the Big Hunting Match .

In fact, Qingxia Sect had branches in many places . After all, a sect also needs income to feed so many people . It was just that Jinling country was too small, and it lacked resources . Plus it was previously monopolized by Feng Family, so Qingxia Sect never considered setting up a branch in Yanjing City .

But now, it ws clear that Yanjing City would become one of the main sources of income for Qingxia Sect in the future .

Shen Sen also didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh when she received the message from the elders .

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The elders attached great importance to this cooperation . Not only they sent a large number of elites to Yanjing to a.s.sist in cooperation matters, a few elders even wanted to visit Yanjing City in person

With this said, Shen Qingchuo had already entered the room . When she saw only Shen Sen in the room, she couldn’t help but pouted, “Uncle, did you see that guy, Gu Liufeng? Why can’t I find him anywhere?” ”

Shen Sen couldn’t help holding his forehead, “Chuo Er, Young Master Gu is very busy . He has a lot of business to do every day . How does he have the time to fool around with you . ”

“How am I fooling around?” Shen Qingchuo said angrily with her small nose wrinkled . “He obviously looked down on me from the beginning . He always ignores me when I talk to him . Hmph, I don’t think he is that great . Isn’t he just a subordinate of Brother Xi Yue? How busy can he be!?”

Before Shen Sen could speak, a clear and steady voice came from the door, “Gu Liufeng is not my subordinate; he is my friend and brother . ”

“Xi Yue——!”

“Brother Xi Yue——!”

Seeing Hexi, Shen Sen and Shen Qingchuo were both happy, and they stood up quickly .

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