The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 648

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Chapter 648

She had never heard that the fourth grade spirit healing pill could be absorbed instantly after consuming without even activating it with spiritual power .

Wouldn’t it be comparable to Jiuyou spirit spring water?

Moreover, she does not dare to take Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring Water in front of other martial artists . Even if it was a diluted Spirit Spring Water, she was also cautious as she was afraid that the others would covet on it .

But the fourth grade spirit healing pill was different . She could take it out anytime and eat it as a jelly bean .

Wasn’t that mean she didn’t have to worry about exhausting her spiritual power after fighting with someone because she could instantly replenish instantly at any time?!

However, what disappointed Hexi was the spirit healing pills which were refined by Little Egg .

Although he could still produce thousands of them at once, the pills no longer had the effect of instant recovering spiritual power .

Haiz, this was probably the disadvantage of ma.s.s production .

Little Egg was even more disdainful of the medicinal pills he had refined, and he ran over to secretly eat the medicinal pills that Hexi refined .

In the end, the Hexis was helpless,, “Little Egg, if you eat it like this, how can mom use these pills to earn money?”

Little Egg held a dozen of fourth grade of spirit healing pill in his hands, and he said with an unwilling and crying face, “What is money? Why make money? Mom, this is delicious . Little Egg wants to eat it all . I don’t want to give it to others . ”

Hexi said with a smile, “I need to earn money to heal Aunt Little Purple and Little Cow and to let Little Dragon advance . I need to earn money to give you a good meal every day . Be good, I will refine more delicious medicinal pills for you in the future~”

“Okay~” Little Egg reluctantly handed back the medicinal pills to Hexi, and he still remembered to remind her, “Mom, you can’t lie~”

Hexi smiled and took over the medicinal pills . As she prepared to put these remaining dozens of pills into a porcelain bottle .

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When she looked back, she was shocked to find that the dozens of medicinal pills just above the furnace were all gone .

He also held the medicinal pills he had just stolen in his paws and carried them to the front of Little Egg to flatter him . Little Dumb Cow had the look of ‘Please enjoy it! Quickly praise me!’

Little Egg cried out loud .

He instantly forgot about the scene where Little Dumb Cow rescued them previously . He crawled onto Hexi, held her neck, and refused to go down .

He kept shouting in his mouth, “Ugly cow, you must not lick me again, otherwise I will let my mom throw you out of the void . ”

“Wuuu… Mom, he is indecent to me again . He even steals your medicinal pills … I don’t want to befriend with Little Cow anymore!”

The Little Golden Dragon who had been cultivating in the spirit spring was awakened . Hearing the cry of Little Egg, he rushed over and spoke to Little Dumb Cow in a condescending manner, “Stupid cow, I warn you . We spiritual pets have the order of arrival . ”

“Although your strength is the strongest now, you are the last who joined our master, so you are all our subordinate . You have to listen to us in the future . You are not allowed to bully Little Egg, otherwise we will beat you!”

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