The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 647

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Chapter 647

“Isn’t all the medicinal pills here, and we will be supplied with 10,000 third grade medicinal pills every year in the future . That is 10,000!”

“Isn’t that mean that we no longer have to be afraid of Feng Family’s coercion?”

The sect master was pulling his beard as he said with a chuckle, “It’s not just that we don’t have to be afraid of the Feng Family . I’m afraid the Feng Family needs to be afraid of us in the future . Hehe!”

“Sen Er and Chuo Er really made a big contribution during this trip!”


In the next period of time, Hexi entered the non-stop cultivation and pill refining time .

The fourth grade fire attribute cultivation method that she just got was like a timely help for her .

With the fire attribute cultivation method for her cultivation, her fire spiritual power could be improved . This way she could refine pill faster, and she could also produce medicinal pills of a higher grade .

While practicing fire attribute cultivation method, Hexi once again discovered the benefits of Maha Inheritance .

A fourth grade cultivation method that a person might not be able to fully understand the principle of the spiritual power operation after studying for a month, she actually understood it with just one night due to the blessing of Maha Inheritance .

After a month of cultivation, her cultivation soon reached the completion of the Meridians stage . She was only one step away from the Gold Core stage .

She only needed an opportunity to condensed the cyclones in her dantian into a gold core to breakthrough her current cultivation .

Moreover, the peak of the Gold Core stage was simply not her opponent with her current strength .

She was initially a mortal who didn’t have any cultivation, but she used less than a year to reach the completion of the Meridians stage .

Ordinary people needed more than a dozen or decades of hard work, and she actually achieved it in a few months .

If people got to know about her speed in advancement, all the martial artists would be dropping their jaws .

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When Hexi fully understood the fire attribute cultivation methods, Hexi began to try to refine the fourth-grade medicinal pills .

Hexi couldn’t help laughing .

It’s just that there weren’t many pills in this furnace . There were only 70 or so in total . Now that Little Egg ate a quarter by just one grab . It looked even more pitiful .

Hexi grabbed a medicinal pill and stuffed it into her mouth, muttering, “Why Little Egg can refine so many pills every time, but I can only refine dozens of pills . This is really unfair . ”

However, as soon as she swallowed the medicinal pill, her complexion changed .

At almost the blink of an eye, the medicinal pills that entered her abdomen quickly dissolved in the dantian and spread everywhere in her body .

The originally dried spiritual power was filled up without any pause, and she didn’t need to use spiritual power to activate it .

Hexi was dull . What… what’s going on?

Not to mention this rich spiritual power and purity .

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