The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 642

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Chapter 642

“You’d better let him speed up, otherwise… Hmph hmph! Feng Family doesn’t only has one talent, Feng Yunjing, if he can’t be used, then replace him directly!”

The old man with a white beard made Feng Tianba broke into sweats like he was sitting on thorns .

Although he knew that the old man with a white beard was taking the opportunity to raise an issue as his children and grandchildren couldn’t take charge of the Feng Family, this Great Elder was extremely powerful, and Feng Tianba knew that he had done wrong, how dared he argue with the Great Elder .

He only gritted his teeth and said, “Great Elder, rest a.s.sured, I will definitely educate Yunjing well . ”

Immediately, he whispered, “Great Elder, Liu Li Sect is destroyed, I always feel very strange . Logically, if you want to reach the range of Liu Li Sect, you will definitely alarm our arrays located outside and at the foot of the mountain . But now, Liu Li Sect was eliminated silently . This force must be very powerful . ”

“Great Elder, shall we ask the Venerable to report the situation to above and ask for help?”

There was a little hesitation on the face of Great Elder, then he shook his head and said, “The Venerable is now breaking through the Divine stage behind closed-door . Now is the most important moment . Let’s not disturb him first . After the Venerable comes out, we will let him decide . ”

The two were discussing in a solemn look, and suddenly, a Great Elder’s disciple came forward in a hurry .

The disciple’s expression was extremely strange and shocked, and his obscure eyes glanced at Feng Tianba from time to time which was full of inexplicable meaning .

This made Feng Tianba feel very uncomfortable . Nevermind if Great Elder was disrespectful to him, now even the Great Elder’s disciple looked at him with such disrespectful eyes . Did he still consider Feng Tianba as the patriarch?

Soon, the disciple took out an inscribed jade slip from his arm and handed it to the Great Elder . He whispered, “Master, I think you better have a look at this thing . ”

Great Elder’s face looked suspicious . He took over the inscribed jade slip, and he was about to activate it .

The disciple’s face was red . He immediately raised his voice and said, “Master… Master, please watch it secr… secretly!”

This couldn’t be played in the public to put shame on the Feng Family again!

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Great Elder frowned, and the displeasure and doubts on his face were even more . He said coldly, “So much nonsense, what the h.e.l.l are you doing!”

Feng Tianba took over the Inscribed jade slip that was smashed by Great Elder . His face was full of doubts .

He glanced at the Great Elder’s disciple that had not left, and he frowned for a moment, but he still used Divine Sense to peek into the inscribed jade slip .

The inscribed jade slip played a clear video soon .

It was obviously recorded with recording talisman in a mountainous area .

But if it was just a video, the Great Elder had nothing to be angry about .

As Feng Tianba was thinking this way, the scene that made him burst into anger appeared .

Among the trembling, a woman entangled with seven or eight men . Her body kept undulating . The scene was so obscene that it was disgusting .

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