The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 640

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Chapter 640

“In order to continue to get the pills, no matter how powerful the martial artist is, he will lose all their senses . Whether it is to let him die, to kill, or to kneel on the ground to ask for mercy, he will do it . This is… cold eating pill .

Shen Sen’s pupils shrank suddenly as he slapped on the table with a palm, “There is such an evil drug in this world?”

Shen Qingchuo even gripped a small fist . She said in nervous and shocked, “Are you saying that the Liu Li Sect’s disciples who are not afraid of death actually ate the cold eating pill, so they had no choice but to do that? Then… aren’t they too pathetic?”

Hexi sneered, “Feng Family is backed by the Doctors a.s.sociation to use drugs and medical skills to achieve their dirty purpose, are they still doing too little? In this way, the Black Law Protector we encountered in the Murong Mansion must also be a member of the Feng Family . ”

Gu Liufeng clenched his fists violently . His eyes revealed a cold gaze . He gnashed his teeth and spoke two words, “Feng Family——!”

Hexi asked Shen Sen, “What impact will the Liu Li Sect’s destruction have on the Feng Family . ”

“In the final a.n.a.lysis, Liu Li Sect is actually just a huge force attached to the Feng Family . For Feng Family, the lack of Liu Li Sect will definitely hurt them for a while . It is like one’s right arm being chopped off, his strength will drop greatly, but…”

Shen Sen’s eyes narrowed, “But as long as Feng Family’s biggest support is still there, as long as the Doctors a.s.sociation is willing to support the Feng Family, then the Feng Family cannot be destroyed . Because as long as they can provide enough medical pills, they monopolize the whole Doctors and pharmaceutical market . Then, on this Miluo Continent, there are more martial artists willing to work for Feng Family . ”

“In particular, if there is such a weird and insidious medicinal pill like the cold eating pill in Feng Family’s hands, there are likely to be countless martial artists under their control . They have no choice but to listen to Feng Family’s command . ”

Speaking of which, Shen Sen looked at Hexi with sparkling eyes . He slowly said, “So Xi Yue, if you really want to completely defeat the Feng Family until they can no longer rise again, then now is the best opportunity . ”

Feng Family that had lost the Liu Li Sect, lost their face and reputation in Big Hunting Match, was now at the most desperate time .

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If at this time, there was a genius pill refiner appeared out of the blue who wasn’t afraid of the suppression of Doctors a.s.sociation, and he could disrupt the monopoly of Feng Family and Doctors a.s.sociation on the pharmaceutical market .

At first, hey didn’t even know when Liu Li Sect was eliminated .

Until one day, Little Si, who was responsible for cleaning the ancestral hall, discovered that Elder Feng’s soul lamp that was enshrined in the Longevity Hall was extinguished .

He anxiously told this news to Patriarch Feng Tianba .

Even at that time, Feng Tianba thought that something went wrong, or that Elder Feng’s Soul Lamp extinguished because he accidentally got possessed by a demon while cultivating and died .

However, when Feng Tianba and the elders of Feng Family rushed to the mountain where Liu Li Sect was located and saw that the scene of the entire sect was in a bloodbath, they were so shocked that they almost had a heart attack .

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