The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 639

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Chapter 639

Shen Sen had calmed down now . He shook his head in a complicated look, “The power that could to wipe out Liu Li Sect is absolutely unusual . You may have heard the prestige of Liu Li Sect, but you certainly don’t know that from the sect elders to outer disciple, they were all extremely royal to Liu Li Sect . ”

“I have seen a battle in which Liu Li Sect’s disciples partic.i.p.ated . Most of them were only outer disciples, but when facing the fierce magical beasts, they were not afraid of dying at all . The sect elders let them to dive into a group of magical beasts to be a bait, and they rushed in without hesitation . Even if they were torn to pieces by the magical beasts, no one flinched . ”

As Shen Sen said this, he couldn’t help frowning, “I thought at the time that this Liu Li Sect under the control of Feng Family was a bit scary . Their disciples were not like martial artists who learned from the teacher, but more like the death warriors of the Feng Family . ”

“If you want to destroy the martial arts with such high loyalty, even if you exhaust all the forces of our Qingxia Sect, you will inevitably fail . Therefore, I really can’t think of anyone else who can do this in Miluo Continent . ”

Shen Sen’s words made Hexi surprised .

High loyalty? Extremely loyal that can sacrifice themselves? Is Shen Sen really talking about Liu Li Sect’s disciples?

Why the Liu Li Sect’s disciples I met in Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory were not the same as he described?

She couldn’t help but ask, “Were there really no one betraying Liu Li Sect for these hundreds of years?”

Even a cult that focuses on brainwashing can’t make the followers never betray right?

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Shen Sen nodded and said, “Naturally there is . But it is said that they ended up miserably, and there were many traitor disciples even kneeling and climbing back to the sect, begging the sect to forgive their crimes and let them accept punishment . Over time, no Liu Li Sect’s discipline dared to betray anymore . ”

Then Qingxia Sect’s disciple’s eyes widened suddenly . His face was filled with unbelief, “Young Master Xi, you… how do you know?”

Hexi did not answer, but she glanced at Gu Liufeng again . The two spoke the same three words in unison, “Cold eating pill?”

Shen Sen was surprised, “What does Young Master Xi mean? What is the cold eating pill?”

Gu Liufeng’s expression became somber and cold . He said word by word as if he was gnashing his teeth, “This is one of the most poisonous drugs in the world . It can be addictive and can control people’s minds . As long as you have taken the cold eating pill for a long time, you can no longer get rid of it, otherwise you will suffer more miserable pain than having thousands of ant devouring your heart . ”

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