The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 638

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Chapter 638

The news published in the official announcement of blackmarket was not well-informed, but once it was released, it must be an absolute fact .

Hexi ’s face was also incredible, looking at Xi San, “Do you know who eliminated Liu Li Sect?”

Xi San shook his head . The exclamation, shock, gloating and misfortune in his eyes were intertwined . His expression could not be more complicated . “After I got the news from Senior Mei, I went to the black market and Yanjing City to inquire . ”

“It is said that Liu Li Sect was eliminated this time mostly because they had sent a lot of elite disciples to partic.i.p.ate in the Big Hunting Match . Those who were left in the sect were mostly low-level martial artist of the Meridians stage and Foundation Establishment stage . The only three Nascent Soul stage elders also didn’t have high cultivation, and he was weak in fighting, so it gave the opponents a chance . ”

Shen Sen’s face became unpredictable for a while . He shook his head a moment later, “Even if Liu Li Sect really sent a large number of elite disciples, it was still a powerful sect . How could anyone catch them off guard? Moreover, Liu Li Sect also has Nine Turn Earth Mysterious Array as Mountain Guard Array, even the martial artists at the peak of Nascent Soul stage can’t break at will . ”

After a while, Shen Sen’s tone was more solemn and doubtful, “Not to mention, Liu Li Sect is located next to the magical beast forest which is easy to defend and difficult to attack . It has a natural barrier . How could normal people go into the Liu Li Sect without being detected, kill everyone in it and disappeared without leaving a trace?”

“If someone on the Miluo Continent can do this, how terrifying and powerful should this person’s strength be?”

Hexi’s expression slightly condensed .

Hexi didn’t know why she thought of Nangong Yu’s face when Shen Sen said this .

Inexplicably, she remembered the brief meeting with Nangong Yu that day . The man told her in a casual tone that soon Liu Li Sect and Feng Family would no longer exist .

Was it Nangong Yu who eliminated Liu Li Sect?

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No! How can this be possible?

Before today, Liu Li Sect and Feng Family were like huge trouble for her .

Feng Lianying framed her and found someone to humiliate her . She could fight back and counterattack, but she couldn’t kill Feng Lianying with a slap .

Why? Wasn’t it because Feng Lianying had Liu Li Sect and Feng Family behind him .

But now, the entire Liu Li Sect had disappeared, so she couldn’t believe it for a while .

Shen Qingchuo, who was dumbfounded by the side, suddenly recovered . She held her face and exclaimed, “Really … really eliminated? It was Liu Li Sect! They actually all got killed? Who did it? It’s really amazing! ”

“Uncle, do you really know?”

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