The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 637

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Chapter 637

“We may not be able to occupy the market for the inferior and intermediate grade medicinal pills, but for upper grade and best grade medicinal pills, I believe that we can definitely hurt some of the Doctors a.s.sociation’s profit . ”

The reason Hexi was so confident was that Little Egg had upgraded .

In fact, Hexi couldn’t determine whether the brat was actually upgraded because its appearance had not changed .

However, after eating a lot of monster essence pill, the speed of this brat refining pills had been improved several times than before . He didn’t need to take too much effort to refine third grade pills .

Now it was Hexi couldn’t keep up with his speed . Until now, she couldn’t successfully refine the fourth grade medicinal pills . After all, Little Egg could only learn her refining methods to make pills .

Gu Liufeng was overjoyed when he heard that, then he brought Shen Sen to the side and discussed about the cooperation .

Shen Qingchuo and Qingxia Sect’s disciples also excitedly gathered at the side, thinking about the beautiful future of Qingxia Sect’s disciples taking medicinal pills as sugar pills .

Shen Sen also released a message inscribed jade slip, telling the elders and master of Qingxia Sect that they would go back later .

However, before waiting for Shen Sen to receive a reply from the door, they received a shocking news that shocked the entire Miluo Continent .

Liu Li Sect was eliminated .


When everyone first heard the news, their reaction was disbelief .

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Shen Qingchuo said angrily to the disciple who came to report, “Brother Qiu, even if you hate the Feng Family and Liu Li Sect, don’t curse them with such fabricated lie, okay? Even if it is a curse, it can’t really take effect . Brother Qiu, you are a grown-up . Your behavior is really naive! ”

As Shen Qingchuo was about to make fun of this fellow apprentice again, the sound of rapid footsteps suddenly came from the door .

The person who came was Xi San . He was all sweating all over his head, and his face also looked astounded .

As soon as he saw Hexi, he rushed over and said with a trembling tone, “Young master, I have just gotten some news from Senior Mei . Liu Li Sect was eliminated dozens of days ago . ”

As soon as Xi San said this, the room in Shengde Hall was silent .

After a long while, Shen Sen stood up . He said in disbelief, “You… is what you said true? Liu Li Sect was really eliminated? Is it not a rumor or gossip?”

At this time, Brother Qiu, who was blushing, finally burst out a sentence, “Master’s Senior, it is … true, I have just… seen it on the blackmarket… announcement . ”

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