The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 635

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Chapter 635

Shen Qingchuo focused on her head, and her entire small face was wrinkled together . “This despicable Feng Family! They are doing this to stop our Qingxia Sect from getting stronger . The elder of the Feng Family’s overall strength is weaker than our Qingxia Sect, so they use these dirty tricks to decrease our strength . This is too shameless!”

Hexi wondered, “Can’t Qingxia Sect buy medicinal pills from other stores?”

It is just one thousand medicinal pills . Even Shengde Hall like ours can stock up the pills . How can Qingxia Sect such a major sect can’t find a source of supply?

“Xi Yue, didn’t you know about that?” Gu Liufeng noticed Hexi’s thought first . He couldn’t help laughing, “You think how many pharmacies that aren’t buying medicinal pills from the Doctors a.s.sociation?”

“If the Doctors a.s.sociation knows that these pharmacies have sold medicinal pills to Qingxia Sect in private, will they be able to buy from the Doctors a.s.sociation in the future again? In the end, aren’t those stores can only choose to close down?”

As Gu Liufeng spoke, there was a fire in his eyes . He slowly said, “Xi Yue, among the entire Miluo Continent, only you can produce various grades of medicinal pills without fear of the Doctors a.s.sociation’s monopoly threat, and you can ensure the quality and quant.i.ty!”

Hexi’s eyes widened slightly, then she went deep into her thought .

I didn’t expect there are so many connections between the Doctors a.s.sociation and Feng Family?

So if I want to retaliate against Feng Family, can I start with the Doctors a.s.sociation?

For example, to break their monopoly on the pharmaceutical market?

As Hexi was lost in her thought, there was suddenly Shen Sen’s voice in her ears .

Hexi looked up and met Shen Sen’s eyes, but Hexi was stunned .

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At this moment, Shen Sen didn’t regard her as a junior that needed to be looked at her, no longer regarded her as a junior, but he was looking at her as someone of equal status . His expression was solemn, and there was even a trace of excitement and prayer .

In the room, incredulous exclamations came one after another, and the people of Qingxia Sect was staring straight at Hexi with their eyes and ears opened .

It seemed that if what Hexi said was a joke, they would faint together .

Even the calm and steady Shen Sen couldn’t help gulping his saliva . After a while he suppressed the excitement and trembling in his voice and asked, “Young Master Xi, please do tell the condition?”

Hexi smiled slightly, then her eyes looked dim . She said coldly, “Qingxia Sect has enough manpower . It also has enough prestige and power in various countries in Miluo Continent, and I have enough medicinal pills in my hand that will not be constrained by the Doctors a.s.sociation . ”

“So, I hope Qingxia Sect can act as an agent of Shengde Hall . The products are all the medicinal pills and spirit plants sold by Shengde Hall . Qingxia Sect can get 20% of the profit earned . What does Elder Shen think about it?”

Shen Sen was stunned, then he immediately opened his eyes, “Xi Yue, do you want to …”

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