The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 633

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Chapter 633

Afterward, Gu Liufeng’s gentle and clear voice sounded, “Miss Shen has misunderstood me . I’m not stopping you from seeing Xi Yue . It’s just that Xi Yue has just returned from the Big Hunting Match . He is physically and mentally tired, and he needs a good rest . You really shouldn’t disturb him . ”

“Hmph! I just want to peek at Brother Xi Yue secretly without disturbing him! Obviously, you don’t like me . I asked you to take off the mask to speak with me, but you didn’t want to . Are you looking down on me?

As soon as Hexi walked into Shengde Hall, he saw Shen Qingchuo aggressively looking at Gu Liufeng, but Gu Liufeng only looked helpless in his eyes .

Upon seeing her coming in, Gu Liufeng’s and Shen Qingchuo’s eyes were beaming . They walked toward her with joy .

Gu Liufeng sized her up for a while before saying softly, “You finally returned safely!”

Shen Qingchuo, who was originally shy, wanted to greet Hexi, but when she heard Gu Liufeng’s words, she couldn’t help but glare at him, “What do you mean? Brother Xi Yue has nine lives, how can he have any danger?”

Gu Liufeng touched his nose with a helpless face . He didn’t dare to argue with this little girl .

Shen Sen stepped forward and knocked on Shen Qingchuo’s head . He said helplessly, “Young Master Gu didn’t argue with you, but you still step on him more! Young Master Gu, Young Master Xi, sorry for the embarra.s.sing incident . ”

Hexi smiled slightly . She took out a storage ring from her arm and said without hiding, “Elder Shen, I want to thank for your Qingxia Sect’s help in the Big Hunting Match . This is my little present . Elder Shen, please kindly accept it . ”

Shen Sen raised his eyebrows in surprise . He took the storage ring in his hand, but her expression was a bit obscure .

Qingxia Sect was not short of valuable magic weapons . He escorted this boy not only because Xi Yue was Shen Qingchuo’s life-saving person, but Xi Yue was also talented, and his demeanor was impressive .

Obviously he was just at the Foundation Establishment stage, but she wasn’t humble or arrogant when facing such a huge sect like Qingxia Sect . She didn’t try to win over their favor .

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But now, what did Hexi mean by sending this kind of present? Trying to win over Qingqing Sect? To flatter Shen Sen? If so, Shen Sen would be disappointed .

Shen Sen’s expression was stiff, and he was astounded looking at Hexi .

Hexi nodded her head with a normal expression . Instead, she said with a hint of apology, “The time is short, so I can’t produce the best grade medicinal pill . Therefore I can only give Elder Shen one thousand upper grade medicinal pills . ”

In fact, she was busy saving Ouyang Haoxuan last night . How could she have to time to make medicinal pills .

Fortunately, Little Egg was bored this month, so he made a lot of medicinal pills in the void, so she currently had a lot of medicinal pills in stock .

It was just that there were a few best grade pills, and Shengde Hall’s medicinal pills were almost sold out . After all, she had left for about a month or more .

Hexi paused and said, “Because most of the disciples of Qingxia Sect have high cultivation, so the medicinal pills that I prepare for you are third grade . Of course, there are still a small amount of second grade . I hope that it will be helpless in everyone’s training . ”

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