The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 632

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Chapter 632

Moreover, did he get my approval to sign the blood pact with me?

Hexi calmed down again after being fl.u.s.tered for a while .

Regardless of the process, at least in terms of results, it was in her best interest to sign a blood pact with Ouyang Haoxuan .

Initially, she did not want to regard Ouyang Haoxuan as a subordinate . She just wanted to keep the promise to General Ouyang to save him, then she would take over the one hundred thousand Zhenwei Army .

But since Ouyang Haoxuan was willing to stay with her and make her his master, she of course would take her as the main, she certainly couldn’t refuse him pretentiously .

Hexi looked at Ouyang Haoxuan and said solemnly, “Do you really think clearly?”

Ouyang Haoxuan gave a weak smile, “What do you say? Xi Yue, I owe you too much, except this method, I can’t think of anything to repay you . ”

Hexi looked at his dark deep eyes . After a long time, she finally nodded and said, “Okay, I understand!”

As soon as he had finished speaking, Hexi waved her hand, and the scene in front of them instantly changed .

It was no longer the hot desert, but it was a courtyard with picturesque scenery and full of spirits .

Uhm… although this courtyard was a little ugly .

After seeing the shock on Ouyang Haoxuan’s face, Hexi smiled and said, “I was originally planning to send you here after you wake up, but since you have signed a blood pact with me now . There is nothing to hide . ”

“Here is……”

“Here is Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory . ” Hexi said slowly, “And I am the new owner of Sealed Dragon Domain . ”

This time, Hexi finally saw the shock in Ouyang Haoxuan’s face .

She said with a smile, “There are many places suitable for cultivation in the Sealed Dragon Domain, and there are a lot of rare materials that can help cultivation . You can choose whatever you want . I have to go to Yanjing City first, you stay and rest well . ”

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Ouyang Haoxuan had just merged with Fire Element Spirit Pearl, so he was very weak . It was the safest to stay in the Sealed Dragon Domain .

Ouyang Haoxuan’s mouth twitched as a faint smile appeared .

There were only two reasons for him to stay alive now, vengeance and Xi Yue . If he left Xi Yue, what was the point for him to stay alive in this world?

Therefore, admitting Xi Yue as his master was the best ending .

In this way, he could always follow Xi Yue, watch her, follow her, and never have to separate .


When Hexi finished handling Ouyang Haoxuan’s matter, it was almost night .

She hurried back to Shengde Hall . Before she entered the door, she heard Shen Qingchuo’s crisp but angry voice .

“Hey, you who hide your face behind the mask, how can you stop me from finding Brother Xi Yue? Do you know who I am?”

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