The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 630

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Chapter 630

“Ai, my good disciple, you don’t know that I suffer a big loss to save him . 90% of my fundamental essence was consumed . I need half a month or more to recover . This loss is immeasurable . You must use countless good liquor to compensate me!”

Hexi nodded with a smile . She really couldn’t deal with her kidult master .

The old man looked at Ouyang Haoxuan, but his eyes flickered a deep light, “My good disciple, this brat has experienced too much darkness . Now his soul is contaminated by the bloodthirsty evil breath . Just now I was almost devoured by his evil breath as I was caught off guard . Luckily, you cast away the evil breath with your pure spirit fire, so we escaped from this disaster . However… ”

“You still have to be careful about this person . If one day the dark side of his mind is out of control, he may hurt you . My good disciple, I think you should stay far away from this brat . ”

Hexi smiled . There was no fluctuation in her expression . She just said lightly, “If I had the experience like him, I might become darker and bloodthirstier than him . ”

“What’s more, as compared to escape due to the fear of the unknown danger, I am more willing to choose to power up my strength so that no one can hurt me .

The old man for a moment, then he laughed a few times and hurriedly left while caressing his beard .

He still has a few good liquor given by me, but he used most of his fundamental essence just now . Even his doppelganger almost collapsed! He had lost so much! No way, he must drink more of my good liquor… to replenish it!

Hexi stayed there, watching Ouyang Haoxuan kept rolling on the sand . He kept making painful growl .

The scorching heatwave caused the temperature of the desert to rise rapidly . Even if Hexi had been condensing water spiritual power to resist it, her hair and clothes were gradually wet by sweat .

“Ah —!”

Ouyang Haoxuan could no longer bear the burning pain that was everywhere on his body . He suddenly extended his hand and wanted to pierce into his dantian without hesitation .

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Something in his mind seemed to be breaking down, telling him that it was so painful to live .

Ouyang Haoxuan opened his eyes with difficulty, and he faintly saw a beautiful face .

His eyes were picturesque; his face looked handsome; his wet hair drooped down on his snow white forehead, making this young man look frail and delicate . (It was Hexi in the eyes of Ouyang Haoxuan . )

But the pair of bright and beautiful eyes were so cold and so decisive .

With a sarcastic arc, her eyes seemed to mock his cowardice and his incompetence .

No! I didn’t want to be ridiculed by these eyes, let alone being looked down upon by this person .

I want to live . Even if I lose all hope, even if I have nothing, at least I can stay with this person .

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