The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 629

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Chapter 629

Even if she didn’t know anything about Five Elements Spirit Pearl, she felt something was wrong now .

Both Ouyang Haoxuan and Master were now on the verge of life and death .

One careless mistake, not only Ouyang Haoxuan couldn’t be resurrected, even her Master was likely to be implicated .

Am I going to watch the worst result happen?

No way! Never!

Hexi’s eyes were cold as she clenched her teeth . She suddenly walked to Ouyang Haoxuan’s side and squatted down .

The pale golden fire spiritual power condensed in her palm, and then she slowly transferred into Ouyang Haoxuan’s body .

The spiritual power flows through every inch of his meridians, then it gathered to Ouyang Haoxuan’s dantian . After that, it flowed into his brain, comforting her tense nerves and emotions .

With the input of this pale golden spiritual power, magical things happened .

Ouyang Haoxuan’s wild and mad look slowly became calm under the comfort of this spiritual power . There was even a childish smile appearing between his eyes .

The black shadow that originally eroded the spiritual power and Fire Element Spirit Pearl of the old man also gradually dissipated under the erosion of Hexi’s spiritual power . Finally, it disappeared without a trace .

Finally, the spiritual power in the Hexi body was completely exhausted . She staggered and sat down on the sand . She took out a few spirit healing pills, then drank a few mouthfuls of water . Only then she felt better .

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The Fire Element Spirit Pearl in Ouyang Haoxuan’s Gold Core had been slowly melted under the influence of the old man ’s spiritual power . It finally completely merged with the flesh and blood of Ouyang Haoxuan, disappearing without a trace .

It was obvious that Ouyang Haoxuan had suffered a lot of pain under such a high temperature .

The old man slowly opened his eyes at this time . He wiped the sweat on his forehead and said with a tired face, “Okay, the rest is on his own . As long as he can survive the last step of the fire element torment , he can really absorb the power of Fire Element Spirit Pearl . After waking up, although his strength is still only Gold Core stage, his future advancement speed will be very fast . ”

Hexi didn’t go to see Ouyang Haoxuan . Instead, she help the seemingly weak old man and poured him a cup of Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring Water .

The old man took a sip of the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring Water, and his eyes were surprised . He looked at Hexi with widened eyes, then he sneered, “No wonder my good disciple never covets against other’s treasure . It seems that my disicple also has a lot of treasures!”

After finished speaking, he didn’t ask too much and bottomed up the spring water .

As the spirit spring water spread in his body, the old man’s face suddenly looked better . He recovered his usual dandiacal and smiling appearance .

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