The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 628

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Chapter 628

The old man seemed to be not affected by the high temperature. He gestured Hexi to put the body of Ouyang Haoxuan on the sand and muttered in his mouth, “Good disciple, I haven’t really used my true spirit for hundreds of years. When this kid wakes up, you have to prepare to a Manchu Han Imperial Feast [1] to treat me.”

“Oh, yes, don’t let that little pink pig fight with me for food. All the dishes and liquors are for me!”

Hexi couldn’t refrain herself from laughing, but she still nodded and said, “Thank you, Master!”

The old man was satisfied. He sat cross-legged next to Ouyang Haoxuan and slowly closed his eyes.

On the side, Hexi was shocked to find that the moment the old man closed his eyes, his vibe changed.

The enormous powerful spiritual power flowed from his body and wrapped Ouyang Haoxuan’s body.

Almost at the moment when he touched the old man’s spiritual power, Ouyang Haoxuan’s dantian lit a golden red light.

The old man opened his eyes abruptly, and his thin hands quickly formed a complicated symbol, hitting Ouyang Haoxuan’s dantian.

The golden red light at Ouyang Haoxuan’s dantian was beating continuously, colliding with the old man’s spiritual power. It seemed to want to break free from it.

Hexi could vaguely see that it was a round blood-red pearl in the size of a fingernail.

As the blood-red peal kept beating, the already scorching desert became hotter.

Hexi looked at the old man nervously, and he saw crystal sweat beads oozing from his head. His face was extremely unsightly too.

There was a shock in Hexi’s heart. Although she didn’t fully understand the strength of her cheap master, she could be 100% sure that he had already surpa.s.sed the existence of the top powerful individual of the Miluo Continent, or it should be said that he should belong to this realm.

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But now, Master is actually at a disadvantage fighting against the Fire Element Spirit Pearl? How powerful is this Fire Element Spirit Pearl?

Indistinctly, Hexi could hear Ouyang Haoxuan’s broken and hoa.r.s.e voice, “Mother … father … Feng Family… die–!”

Because of Ouyang Haoxuan’s struggle and the turbulent hatred in his body, the red pearl that originally looked dull actually slowly had a layer of dark and subtle black gas.

The old man’s expression became more and more pale and unsightly. The spiritual power that originally wrapped Ouyang Haoxuan also shook for a while as if it was entangled by the dark breath.

At this time, Hexi felt like she was standing at the junction of cold and heat.

For a while, she felt the cold that penetrated into her bone marrow, then for a while, she suddenly felt a heat that could melt her flesh.


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