The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 626

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Chapter 626

Hexi frowned, “I know that his breathing and heartbeat have stopped, but I feel that there is a powerful force in his dantian, maintaining the operation of his meridians and spiritual power . It’s just that I don’t know how to save him, is it that even master don’t know about it? ”

The old man frowned . He asked after a while, “My good disciple, do you know what is the power that can support the operation of spiritual power in a corpse?”

Hexi shook her head .

The old man pouted . He looked at the charred corpse on the ground and murmured, “I don’t know whether this kid is having good luck or bad luck . A Fire Element Spirit Pearl is actually sealed inside his body . ”

“Fire Element Spirit Pearl?”

“Fire Element Spirit Pearl is a kind of Five Elements Spirit Pearl . It belongs to the condensed power source of the five elements . If the person who gets the Five Elements Spirit Pearl can use this power properly, he can almost get the power that can bring disaster . ”

Seeing Hexi’s face looked doubt and surprised, the old man scratched his hair, “Good disciple, let me tell you this . ”

“At Miluo Continent, the Sealed Dragon Sword in the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory make all martial artists crazy for it right?”

Hexi nodded .

The old man continued, “However, compared to Five Elements Spirit Pearl, the treasure in the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory is like the casual flying sword . Even if it is the Miluo Continent, the peerless Sealed Dragon Sword can’t be to Five Elements Spirit Pearl at all . ”

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“Nevermind is the major sects of the Miluo Continent . Even I have the thought of s.n.a.t.c.hing it myself when I realize that this is a Fire Element Spirit Pearl .

Hexi’s eyebrows twitched . She whispered, “Then do you mean, there is no way to save Ouyang Haoxuan?”

“That’s not really true . ” The old man shook his head . He looked Ouyang Haoxuan with a complicated gaze, “So I just said, I don’t know if this boy is lucky or not . I have been living for thousands of years, I admit that I have seen any kind of people . However, this boy has absolute perseverance . Even I’m impressed by him . ”

“At the moment when Fire Element Spirit Pearl condensed, he directly exploded his Gold Core . After the Gold Core shattered, it merged into the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, letting him to burst out a might strength . His body obviously couldn’t stand the terrifying power of the Fire Element Spirit Pearl . ”

“But because his Gold Core was merged into the Fire Element Spirit Pearl, which made the Fire Element Spirit Pearl contaminated by his breath . The Fire Element Spirit Pearl replaces his Gold Core to support the operation of his spiritual power, so this is why he looks like a living dead . ”

Hexi said hurriedly, “Can he still be saved?”

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