The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 625

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Chapter 625

Hexi had done a soul control on this group of slaves, and she let them take the improved bone muscle enhancement pill . After that, these people cultivate qi easily . Those with excellent qualifications such as Mu Dong had already cultivated to Qi Refining stage .

So just like Xi Jia and the others, little maid like Mu Dong also extremely admired Hexi . They only felt that they had really acc.u.mulated the kindness of a few lives, so they could be bought by such a master . Besides, Mu Dong was the savviest among them, so Hexi let her be a personal maid .

Hexi waved her hand and let Mu Dong go down before walking slowly to the old man .

The old man took down his feet the table, and he looked at her like he was confronting a formidable enemy . He murmured in his mouth, “Good disciple, don’t be angry . When I put you in the sword array that day, I went to drink alcohol . Haiz, your alcohol is really too tasty, so I was drinking more and more . When I woke up… hehe, ten days had pa.s.sed . ”

“Fortunately, my good disciple, you are powerful . You broke out of the sword array . Ai, you are really the disciple I chose . Your talents are really the best . ”

Hexi narrowed her eyes and watched him chattering . The old man’s voice was getting smaller and smaller . He murmured, “Well, I admit that I was wrong . I shouldn’t leave you alone in the sword array, but I really need some good food now . You disappeared for a month, and I didn’t have good liquor and food . Hehe, my good disciple…”

Before the old man finished speaking, Hexi turned her wrist and a large bottle of liquor was placed in front of the old man .

“Oh ~~ good liquor ~~” The old man pounced onto the liquor jar and opened the lid .

The thick and rich liquor’s scent spread out . The old man felt so excited by the scent . He couldn’t wait to swallow the whole jar of liquor together with the jar .

Hexi took out a few more dishes, and the aroma of the food spurred the gluttonous insects in the belly of the old man, making his stomach rumbled .

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The old man couldn’t care about anything else as he devoured food .

He appeared next to Ouyang Haoxuan in a flash and crouched down . He said unbelievably, “Am I hallucinating? Why do I seem to feel the breath of that thing?”

As the old man said, he reached out and touched Ouyang Haoxuan’s body that was almost burnt into .

When his hand touched the dantian, his expression suddenly became shocked and dignified . He exclaimed, “How is it possible?!”

Hexi quickly stepped forward and said with a soft voice, “Master, what’s wrong? Can he still be saved?”

The old man’s expression looked uncertain . After a while, he looked at Hexi . His eyes looked strange . “My disciple, you ask can he still be saved? Don’t you know that he is now a dead body?”

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