The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 624

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Chapter 624

Hexi introduced Shen Sen and others behind her, “This is Elder Shen of Qingxia Sect . These are the elite disciples of Qingxia Sect . Tonight, we will rest in Shengde Hall for one night . You have to make arrangements . ”

As soon as Hexi said this, Zhou Yanan and Xi San both opened their eyes sharply .

“Qing… Qing Qing Qingxia Sect?!!!” Xi San stuttered as he said . “Is… Is that Qingxia Sect I think? The one from the Tiangang Kingdom… The one from the four major sects… Qingxia Sect?!”

No wonder he just felt that each person exuded a strong spirit pressure, and there was even a sense of dignity in them .

Shen Qingchuo was amused by Xi San’s appearance . She tilted her head and said, “Is there a second Qingxia Sect in Miluo Continent?”

“Hee hee, Young Master Xi, your subordinates are really interesting . ”

Before Hexi had time to say anything, Zhou Yanan suddenly took a step back, almost hitting the corner of the table .

He tidied up his clothes in a hurry . He quickly said, “I … I will inform the young master to let him serve… serve the guests!”

Hexi pressed her forehead in a headache as she apologized to Shen Sen, “I’ll take you in for a rest first . ”

Shen Sen’s gentle smile didn’t seem to be angry, “Young Master Xi doesn’t have to be so polite . We are considered as friends . Not to mention you are my lifesaver, so you can be more casual . ”

“In addition, we Qingxia Sect wants to disturb you for one night in Shengde Hall because we think that we will have the opportunity to witness the best medicinal pills tomorrow . However, I heard that the best medicinal pills sold by Shengde Hall in Tiangang Kingdom are better than the medicinal pills produced by the a.s.sociation of Physicians . I hope Young Master Xi won’t find my words being too abrupt . ”

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Hexi shook her head quickly . She wasn’t stupid to not be able to feel Qingxia Sect’s care for her . Now that Shen Sen was interested in the top quality medicinal pills, she could just return a favor to them

“Ai, raising a disciple is worse than raising a dog ~~”

A grieving sigh came from the main hall of the courtyard, along with the little girl’s apology in embarra.s.sment .

Hexi’s mouth twitched . She pushed open the door and walked in, then she sneered, “It’s better to raise a dog than a disciple? Master, which dog can still be alive after being thrown in the sword array by you for ten days? ”

The old man, who was lying on the old-fashioned wooden armchair with his legs tilted up, immediately rolled his eyes as he heard her words . He smiled and said, “Ai, good disciple, I threw you in the sword array because I believe in your strength . See, aren’t you back alive now?”

“Miss, you are back!” The little maid’s, who had been tortured by the old man, eyes lit up in surprise .

This little girl was called Mu Dong . She was one of the slaves that Xi San bought from the slave market . Her talent was only four spiritual roots, but her advantage was that her spiritual root was pure .

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