The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 623

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Chapter 623

Shangguan Qi glared fiercely at Hexi and turned to follow .

Hexi sneered and retrieved the bodies of the Ouyang couple . Then, she was about to say goodbye to Shen Sen .

Shen Sen frowned, “Xi Yue, I’m afraid that Feng Family won’t give up on you . Let us escort you to Yanjing City . ”

As soon as Shen Sen said this, Shen Qingchuo immediately clapped and smiled happily before Hexi said anything, “Great! Great! I heard that the Shengde Hall opened by Young Master Xi is lively . We will leave after we send him to Shengde Hall!”

Hexi also wanted to refuse, but she saw that all the disciples of Qingxia Sect showed a kind look to her .

She just felt warm in her heart . She held back the refuse she was going to say . She said in a low voice, “Thank you!”

Hexi would remember Qingxia Sect’s kindness to her in her heart .


When Hexi took Shen Sen and others to the Shengde pharmacy in Yanjing City, it was already late at night .

Zhou Yanan and Xi San were very pleased to see Hexi . They all came up together to greet her, “Young master, it’s great that you return safely!”

Hexi nodded and said, “Is everything okay here?”

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Xi San laughed immediately, “Young master, please rest a.s.sured . Shengde Hall is getting more and more prosperous every day . There were indeed some people who wanted to have bad intention on us, and there were someone wanted to enquire young master’s ident.i.ty, but they were all punished heavily by Master Gu . Now no one dares to cause trouble at the Shengde Hall . ”

“Master is back?” Hexi asked in surprise, then she remembered the days when she was tortured by the sword array . Her mouth twitched .

Xi San said bitterly, “Yeah, he has been back for several days . He said he had run out of wine, and he asked us to prepare for him . However, he smashed all the wines we offered him . He even said that our wines are stinky, he must drink the wine that young master brews . But how do we find the good wines brewed by young master!?”

As Xi San said, he secretly glanced at Hexi’s ugly face, and he even glanced at Shen Sen and others not far away .

After a while, he murmured and said, “Then the master got angry . He is causing trouble in the courtyard all day long . He said that young master… you don’t respect the master . You didn’t even prepare good wine and food for him before he dies . ”

Hexi pressed her forehead and said in annoyance, “Okay, I got it . I will go back and serve the old man in a moment . I will let him drunk until he dies . Let’s not talk about this…”

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