The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 621

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Chapter 621

Hexi didn’t even look at him as she just looked at Shen Sen and others, “General Ouyang said before his death that the people who tortured them were the people of Feng Yunjing and Feng Family, and he said that Ouyang Haoxuan was also in their hands . He begged me to save him . ”

“Young Master Feng said that you didn’t kill them, then let me ask you, why are your men with their faces covered appear here in such a late night?”

Speaking of which, Hexi’s tone was full of resentment and hatred; her voice was trembling . “Killing them is not too much! I really can’t understand how did General Ouyang and his wife offend you that you had to torture them like this?! Feng Yunjing, are you still a human?! ”

Hexi’s words quickly aroused the public’s indignation . Everyone’s eyes looked at the Feng Family’s people with disgust and hatred .

Because General Ouyang and his wife really looked so miserable .

Especially Mrs . Ouyang, even if the Ouyang Family really offended the Feng Family, it must not be related to Mrs . Ouyang .

But looking at the marks on Mrs . Ouyang, she was treated like a beast before she died .

Such a vicious, cruel act could no longer be explained by the law of nature of the Immortal Realm .

Feng Yunjing was relieved to hear Hexi’s words .

He secretly thought that Ouyang Zhixiong only cared about the life and death of his son before he died, and he had no time to tell the truth .

As long as Shen Sen and others didn’t know about Five Elements Spirit Pearl, sooner or later Ouyang Haoxuan and Five Elements Spirit Pearl would be in the pocket of their Feng Family .

Feng Yunjing’s dark and gloomy eyes swept over Hexi’s beautiful and delicate side face, and the hands at his sides clenched tightly .

Once again, Xi Yue slipped away from his hands again .

If Shen Sen comes later, even if he couldn’t find Ouyang Haoxuan, he could at least take Xi Yue back to let her be his own woman and let her serve the Feng Family .

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But now all this was obviously impossible .

“What ?!” An inbelievable shout broke out from the crowd .

Even Shangguan Wenji and Shangguan Qi were shocked, they were unable to understand what Feng Yunjing meant .

Feng Yunjing raised the corner of his mouth coldly . His eyes looked arrogant . “Ouyang Zhixiong held 100,000 elite soldiers, but he tried to rebel . I was entrusted by Shangguan Wenji, the emperor of Jinling, to capture the traitor, collect evidence of their crimes, and take back the commander’s seal . ”

“However, Ouyang Zhixiong was cunning . He refused to confess his no matter how, and he didn’t want to take out the commander’s seal, so I had no choice but to kill him . ”

“As for his wife and son, committing treason is enough to exterminate all related families . Mrs . Ouyang and Ouyang Haoxuan should be dead too . I kill them to eliminate the danger of the Jinling Kingdom . What is wrong with that?”

As he spoke, he looked at Shangguan Wenji with cold and threatening eyes . He slowly smiled, “Emperor, don’t you think… that is right?”

Shangguan Wenji turned his head and met Feng Yunjing’s cold, evil eyes like a viper, and his body suddenly trembled .

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