The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 619

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Chapter 619

Because even if Zhenwei Army was Ouyang Family’s private army, if she wanted to mobilize 100,000 troops, it was definitely not enough to rely on a piece of jade seal .

Only Ouyang Haoxuan’s ident.i.ty and General Ouyang’s seal could truly mobilize 100,000 troops .

Hexi put the commander’s seal into the s.p.a.ce . Without thinking more, she turned and left the cave .

However, just after walking out of the cave, her complexion suddenly changed .

Immediately afterward, in the dark mountains ahead, a dazzling light lit up, illuminating her solitary figure .

Feng Yunjing’s somber voice came slowly from the open s.p.a.ce, “Xi Yue, do you have to go against our Feng Family every time?”

Hexi narrowed her eyes and looked at the man who came out slowly under the light . She sneered, “You might as well ask you, Feng Family, why do you always do something that is too abhorrent, and I always encounter it . ”

Feng Yunjing’s eyes suddenly froze, and a powerful spirit pressure came, “Where is Ouyang Haoxuan?”

“Ouyang Haoxuan?” Hexi showed a surprised look . She frowned as she spoke, “I was just going down the mountain and inadvertently entered this cave, then I saw the tragic death of General Ouyang and Mrs . Ouyang . Just now I was still thinking who was so heartless that they actually tortured General Ouyang and his wife to such a terrible state and even killed them . ”

“Hehe, now I got it, it turned out to be you . This kind of cruel thing is really the style of your Feng Family!”

Hexi watched the eyes of Feng Yunjing and others full of disgust and contempt, “You didn’t even let the weak Mrs . Ouyang live, and you even did such beastly things to her . Feng Yunjing, Ouyang Family, what kind of hatred do you have with them . You even want to kill the women and children? Your Feng Family is so heartless, aren’t you afraid of being condemned by G.o.d retribution?”

Hexi questioned loudly; her expression was furious, and it had a bit of shock and doubt . There was no flaw in her eyes .

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Feng Yunjing felt a little moved in his heart . He frowned, “You really don’t know where Ouyang Haoxuan is?”

A black-shirted man trembling voice sounded in Feng Yunjing’s ear, “Young Master, could it be that Ouyang Haoxuan broke through our enchantments and escape with his weird cultivation?”

As soon as he said this, the anger and fierceness in Feng Yunjing’s eyes could even raise a storm .

Feng Yunjing’s ice-cold gaze looked at Hexi . He sneered, “Xi Yue, I don’t care if you are hiding Ouyang Haoxuan . Since I can’t get Ouyang Haoxuan, at least it’s good to get you back . ”

After he said that, he waved his hand .

The black-shirted men rushed forward immediately and surrounded Hexi in the center efficiently .

Hexi sneered, “Feng Yunjing, but it is still within the scope of Breaking Spirit Mountain . Don’t you forget that there is a consensus among the four major sects . You can’t kill anyone during the Big Hunting Match . ”

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