The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 617

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Chapter 617

At the moment when Ouyang Haoxuan’s heartbeat stopped, this force seemed to replace the role of the heart and began to beat rhythmically.

Moreover, with the beating, a weak force pa.s.sed from Ouyang Haoxuan’s dantian to all his limbs.

Hexi was surprised. Little Egg’s voice suddenly came in his ear. “Mom, this brother is so strange. He died obviously, but his soul has not faded yet. His the spiritual power is still running just like he is alive.”

“And Little Egg feels that the power in his stomach is familiar, um… It seems nice to smell and taste delicious. It’s very similar to the taste of mom.

Hexi moved his heart and frowned, thinking: Is Ouyang Haoxuan still alive? However, his heartbeat and breathing stopped, even if I’m a miracle healer, I don’t know how to save him.

As she was hesitating, she faintly heard the footsteps of the black-shirted men coming from far away.

Hexi’s heart was tight. Before she could think much, she kept Ouyang Haoxuan into the storage ring and threw him into the void.

In fact, the storage ring could not store people but only dead things. Not to mention that there was no spiritual power and air in the storage ring, so it was impossible for living people to stay.

But now Ouyang Haoxuan’s situation was different. He has no breathing and no heartbeat which was no different from the dead. The storage ring could naturally put him in.

Hexi did not dare to stay in place, but she moved quietly along the mountain wall with qinggong [1].

She also remembered Ouyang Haoxuan’s request to find the bodies of the General Ouyang and his wife in the cave.

About five minutes later, Hexi touched the entrance of the cave with no accident.

As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place.

The people of the Feng Family just had a conflict with Ouyang Haoxuan here, so they didn’t expect that Ouyang Haoxuan would come back here, so the guards here were the most relaxed.

Hexi easily dealt with the two Meridians stage martial artists at the entrance with Purple Abyss Vine and invisible needle, then she quickly infiltrated into the hole.

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There were only illuminating stones in the cave; the light was dim.

Regardless of the details, General Ouyang and Mrs. Ouyang loved Ouyang Haoxuan so much.

Watching the loved one who loved him died in front of him, how desperate and sad was Ouyang Haoxuan?

Hexi walked to General Ouyang’s body and retrieved his two severed legs.

As she was about to put General Ouyang into the storage ring, her hand pressing on General Ouyang’s chest stunned a little.

A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes, then Hexi quickly took out the silver needle for acupuncture and struck it quickly into the major acupoints of Ouyang Zhixiong.

After a moment, Ouyang Zhixiong moaned and slowly opened his eyes.


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