The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 615

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Chapter 615

After the people knew what had happened, they discovered that Ouyang Haoxuan, who was lying there, disappeared .

Feng Yunjing looked cloudy . He bit his lips, “Find him! Search every place on this mountain foot . You must find Ouyang Haoxuan!!”

During this Breaking Spirit Mountain trip, they lost so many Gold Core stage masters and lost their faces . Now even Bai Sha, the Nascent Soul stage master, had died in the hands of Ouyang Haoxuan . He even gave up the plan to take Xi Yue back just to get the Five Elements Spirit Pearl .

If he can’t bring back Five Elements Spirit Pearl, how should he explain to his father and elders?!

Feng Yunjing took a few deep breaths, and it took a while to endure the pain in his shoulders and the tyranny in his heart . “This area has been surrounded by our enchantment . He will never escape . Find him for me as soon as possible . Never let Five Elements Spirit Pearl fell into the hands of others!”

“Yes, young master!”

In the silent night, Ouyang Haoxuan walked through the icy mountains .

There was a low, broken sound from time to time in his throat, and the blood-red horror pupils looked distracted .

He could feel that his body was constantly breaking down, and all his organs and meridians were burned as if they would be turned into ashes and completely scattered in the next moment .

However, there was like a strong force in the body, supporting him to live .

I must live!

I still have important things to do! !

Ouyang Haoxuan couldn’t remember how long he had been walking, let alone where the destination was . He just kept moving forward, making a low roar .

Someone rushed over, holding an illuminating stone and attacking him .

He forgot who these people were, but he instinctively felt disgusted . He tore them apart with b.l.o.o.d.y claws .

All his sanity seemed to be all burned; his memory and emotions were lost little by little just like his life slowly reaching the end .

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Until there was a surprised voice in his ear, “Ouyang Haoxuan ——? !!!”

Hexi was a doctor, so she knew how to diagnose someone .

She didn’t have to check Ouyang Haoxuan’s pulse to determine that all vitality in this person was long gone .

Not to mention his dantian and meridian, even the ordinary internal organs and respiratory tract were burned .

But the strange thing was that he could still moved with such a collapsed body, and he could even emanate such a terrifying killing intention .

Especially the horrifying power that loomed out of him, before Hexi approached, she already instinctively felt fear .

The current Ouyang Haoxuan was more light a mobile corpse with a powerful threat instead of a human .

Hexi wanted to ask him what happened .

However, the footsteps behind her were getting closer and more rapid .

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