The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 614

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Chapter 614

Feng Yunjing’s muscles and nerves were tense all over his body, and his hands quickly formed a gesture, controlling the dark shadows condensed in the Rakshasa Flag to swallow Ouyang Haoxuan .

However, as soon as the shadow came into contact with the blood of Ouyang Haoxuan, he shivered in extreme agony and retreated in fear .

Feng Yunjing’s complexion changed so much that he had no time to dodge, and Ouyang Haoxuan had hit his shoulder with a palm .

Feng Yunjing was blown back . He only felt a burning pain in his left shoulder, then he lost consciousness again .

He turned his head in horror and found that a hole in his left shoulder was melted by the fire element .

Both his flesh and the bones were burned by the terrible fire spiritual power .

Ouyang Haoxuan raised another beast-like roar in the sky, staring at Feng Yunjing brutally with crimson eyes . He charged at Feng Yunjing again with a murderous intention .

At this moment, Feng Yunjing’s face finally showed some fear .

He shivered as he took out a whistle and put it on his mouth, blowing the whistle in a hurry and panic .

Expensive and powerful magic weapons were taken out by him and blocked in front of him . His trembling hands controlled the magic weapons, and he could not hide his fears .

Seeing that Ouyang Haoxuan was about to reach him, suddenly the fire spiritual power on Ouyang Haoxuan’s body was like a flame that extinguished after the fuel was gone .

Ouyang Haoxuan stumbled down on the ground . His body was dark . After the heat was gone, he was still twitching and shaking .

Feng Yunjing was stunned for a moment, then he overjoyed .

Ouyang Haoxuan’s power of self-explosive gold core finally could not support the powerful power of Fire Element Spirit Pearl and collapse .

He stood up with the severe pain in his shoulder . As he just stood still, a few shadows appeared in front of him . They bowed to him as they said, “Young Master!”

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Feng Yunjing pointed to Ouyang Haoxuan on the ground and said in a deep voice, “Tie him up and put him in a ten thousand years darksteel (a type of fictional rare material) cage . Let’s go right away . ”

Because at this moment, he met a pair of crimson eyes . This was a pair of scary eyes he had never seen before .

It was scarlet like blood, but his eyeb.a.l.l.s weren’t round as usual, but they became vertical pupils like a beast .

There was no trace of sanity and consciousness in those eyes . The only thing left was the instinct of killing, bloodl.u.s.t and wild .

As the man in black shouted, before he could warn his companions he felt a black shadow rushing toward him . There was a piercing and burning pain on his shoulder .

Immediately afterward, he couldn’t even make a scream . He was torn into two into half forcefully .

Everyone was stunned by the scene before them .

Blood, internal organs, fur, eyes; all horrible things flying in the air and rolling on the ground .

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