The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 613

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Chapter 613

Bai Sha’s face had turned pale at this time . He pushed Feng Yunjing behind him and shouted, “Master, let’s go now!”

“With the combination between Five Elements Spirit Pearl and the self-explosive power of Jindan, Ouyang Haoxuan’s current strength is definitely not something we can compete with . ”

“But as long as it lasts for a while, his body can’t bear the power of Five Elements Spirit Pearl, and it will completely collapse . By then Five Elements Spirit Pearl is ours!”

Feng Yunjing nodded quickly . He quickly cast a Rakshasa Flag to wrap around him, then they walked toward the cave .

But will Ouyang Haoxuan give them a chance to escape?

A fiery spiritual power waved again, slashing hard toward the two .

Bai Sha felt a scorching heatwave behind him, and his face changed greatly .

He turned around and quickly cast a huge bell, blocking himself and Feng Yunjing behind him .

Later, he did not care about this bell and pulled Feng Yunjing out of the cave quickly .

The night outside the cave was already night . It was a starless moonless night . A cool breeze hit their face, making Bai Sha relieved .

He said in a deep voice: “Young Master, let’s hide first …”

Before Bai Sha’s words could finish his word, his face changed suddenly .

The bell behind him made a painful sound, and it shattered into pieces under one hit by Ouyang Haoxuan’s blow .

The next second, Ouyang Haoxuan’s figure flew behind him like a flame, exuding a flame that burned his skin and meat .

Bai Sha showed a bit of panic in his eyes . Without thinking about it, he stretched out the protective cover and took out his defensive magic weapon anxiously .

But his strong protective cover was fragile like a piece of paper . It was suddenly burned by a powerful fire spiritual power and disappeared .

“Ah, no—-!!”

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Bai Sha made a stern shout, a pair of hands pierce into his dantian before he could say anything .

Ouyang Haoxuan opened and closed his lips with difficulty, spitting out hoa.r.s.e words .

The fire spiritual power of his body burned wildly, and his hair fluttered without wind . The pair of eyes were as red as fire, and he seemed to lose his senses at all .

There was a low roar in his throat, which was not like a human voice, but like a beast .

Feng Yunjing took a deep breath, and he raised his Rakshasa Flag in his hand suddenly .

A huge black air shrouded from the sky . The momentum was overwhelming, bringing a chilling wind .

Ouyang Haoxuan didn’t seem to see the black gas at all, nor could he feel the coldness and the underground cave .

His intellect at this time has completely disappeared, leaving only the instinct of slaughter and hatred .

The fiery elements of fire boiled and burst inside him, driving him to pounce on Feng Yunjing .

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