The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 611

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Chapter 611

In Ouyang Haoxuan’s arms, Ouyang Zhixiong’s eyes turned white, and he spat out blood .

The crimson eyes turned pale and silent .

The moment when Bai Sha just broke his heart meridian, he also shattered his dantian .

He was no longer alive .

Scarlet blood seemed to flow endlessly, pouring out of Ouyang Zhixiong’s mouth .

Ouyang Haoxuan grabbed his hand tightly and tried to send his spiritual power in, shouting with a dying tone, “Father … don’t … don’t die … I … I will take you to Xi Yue … She will definitely save you … Daddy … do you hear me? Don’t die … Don’t leave me … Daddy … ”

However, how could a person with a broken Dantian and heart meridian be able to receive spiritual power again .

All the efforts were in vain, and he could do nothing done except watching his father dying

Ouyang Zhixiong grabbed his son’s hand with his backhand . The pair of hands that were originally wide and powerful were covered with blood at this time .

The cold blood stuck to the palm of Ouyang Haoxuan as if it covered all the light in life .

“Haoxuan … run …” Ouyang Zhixiong clenched his hand tightly, saying each word with difficulty, “Run now… Don’t condense sadness … Don’t … Condense Five Elements Spirit Pearl . Quickly … quickly run… Live! Be sure to live! ”

After finis.h.i.+ng the last word, Ouyang Zhixiong finally loosened his hands, closed his eyes and lost his voice .

“Daddy — !!! Daddy ———— !!!!!!”

Ouyang Haoxuan froze in place; his eyes were empty and blank .

All hope, all fear, all happiness and expectation were bursting like a bubble . They all left him .

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He stood up slowly . The dark and silent pupil looked at Bai Sha and Feng Yunjing .

Feng Yunjing and Bai Sha also had dignified expressions, but there were more joy and excitement in their eyes .

Such a powerful spiritual power fluctuation, such a hot temperature, it seems that Five Elements Spirit Pearl is definitely on Ouyang Haoxuan .

And it is most likely to be a Fire Element Spirit Pearl .

Sure enough, a layer of golden flames slowly burned in his dantian, then it gradually condensed .

In the constant rotation, the golden flame slowly gathered together and turned into a bead in the size of a small nail .

The bead showed a b.l.o.o.d.y red color, gently shaking in the Dantian of Ouyang Haoxuan and radiating golden light from time to time .

“Fire Element Spirit Pearl!!!” Feng Yunjing whispered excitedly, “It’s really Fire Element Spirit Pearl!!!”

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