The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 605

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Chapter 605

Ouyang Zhixiong was full of shock . His eyes were looking at the compa.s.s, but he couldn’t understand what the two men were talking about .

He shivered and raised his head, shouting, “I really don’t know what Five Elements Spirit Pearl, and I have never seen relevant records in my Ouyang Family’s codex . Did you find the wrong person?”

“Hehe, people can lie, but this [Tai Chi compa.s.s] won’t . ” The man in white smiled sinisterly at Ouyang Haoxuan, “The compa.s.s’s pointer move, and that means you can at least often get in touch with Five Elements Spirit Pearl . ”

“Ouyang Zhixiong, if you tell the whereabouts of Five Elements Spirit Pearl obediently, we may still spare you the life of Ouyang Family . Otherwise, it is not just you who will die!”

Ouyang Zhixiong shuddered as he was stared at by the cold gaze . An inexplicable fear raised in his mind .

He shouted loudly, “I really don’t know where Five Elements Spirit Pearl is . You… you don’t touch my wife and son, otherwise I will never let you go!”

The man in white suddenly laughed when he heard the words, and his laughter was full of contempt, “You don’t let me go? How are you going to not let me go?”

With that said, he clapped in the air and said loudly, “Bring her in . ”

Ouyang Zhixiong was stunned, but then he heard a familiar woman struggling and screaming in his ear, “Let me go, who are you? Why do you want to catch me? Don’t you know who am I?”

“Xiangyun–!” As Ouyang Zhixiong heard the voice, his body that had been lying on the ground struggled violently . He rushed toward the direction of the voice, “Xiangyun, are you okay!”

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“Master, why are you here too?” When Mrs . Ouyang saw Ouyang Zhixiong, she immediately rushed into his arms . Her cold body was shivering in fear .

The man in white looked coldly at Ouyang Zhixiong and slowly said, “Then it depends on whether Ouyang Zhixiong is willing to tell the whereabouts of Five Elements Spirit Pearl . As long as you hand over Five Elements Spirit Pearl, I guarantee that you can go back safely . Otherwise, hehe… your family of three will reunion in h.e.l.l . ”

“I don’t know-!!!” Ouyang Zhixiong yelled, and his plead had turned hoa.r.s.e already . “I really don’t know what Five Elements Spirit Pearl . If you want to kill, just direct it all at me . Please let my wife and son go . ”

The man in white wrinkled his eyebrows, and an impatient killing intent flashed across his eyes .

The man in the red robe next to him suddenly said in a low, cold voice, “According to the records of Great Ancient Book, after the Five Elements Spirit Pearl is sealed inside the body of a martial artist, it can not be detected . Only the martial artist of the Gold Core stage can manifest it . ”

“The method of manifestation is also very simple . It only requires the martial artist to be greatly stimulated . After his fundamental essence soul and spiritual power are all in disorder . Five Elements Spirit Pearl will not be able to maintain the seal, then it will naturally appear . Of course, as the martial artist as a vessel will also be consumed by the manifestation of Five Elements Spirit Pearl . ”

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