The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 602

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Chapter 602

She hadn’t walked out of the Jinling Kingdom so far, but she already had three tokens from the major sects of other countries .

One was from Feng Family, one was from Qingxia Sect, and one was from Qixing Palace .

It was really interesting .

This year’s Big Hunting Match had finally come to an end . Hexi did not stay here in Breaking Spirit Mountain like other martial artists, but she chose to rush back to Cang Mountain courtyard overnight .

What made her strange was that after the closing ceremony of Big Hunting Match, she had never seen Ouyang Haoxuan, nor anyone from Feng Family .

Although the people of the Feng Family lost their faces before and after Big Hunting Match, it was normal to leave early and not dare to see anyone .

However, Hexi still has some uneasiness in her mind . She felt that it was safer to return to Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory earlier .

Just down to the foot of Breaking Spirit Mountain, the sky was completely dark .

Tonight was starless and moonless, the sky was dull . From time to time the cold wind whistled across the sky, bringing a chill .

Hexi took a deep breath and left Breaking Spirit Mountain . This meant that she left the prohibition of the Big Hunting Match . She could naturally use her flying sword .

However, when Hexi was going to cast her Li Shui Sword, she suddenly felt an inexplicable heart palpitations .

The mournful and heartbroken roar of wild beasts sounded in the dark night .

The anxiety in Hexi’s heart grew stronger . She cast her Li Shui Sword as soon as possible and was about to leave .

Suddenly, a chill and powerful spiritual power spread from the southeast, covering thousands of square meters of the surrounding land .

The spiritual power accompanied by Divine Sense was sweeping and exploring something . It seemed to be looking for something anxiously . At the same time, it blocked all spiritual power fluctuations in this area .

The coercion and strength carried in this spiritual power was even stronger than that of Feng Yunjing, and Hexi was impossible to resist it today .

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Hexi’s forehead exuded a little sweat .

Although she could not see their faces clearly, their eyes that were exposed outside the face towel were full of anxiety .

Hexi’s location was very good . She was hanging in the air against the mountain wall, and she was best at concealing her breath, so this group of people went around a few times here, and they did not find her .

After 30 minutes, the group of people probably determined that there was no one hiding here, so they hurried away to search for the next location .

Hexi jumped down from the mountain wall, looking at the direction in which these people left, and she was lost in thought .

Suddenly, a painful scream came from the crowd who had just left .

One, two, three times, the strong b.l.o.o.d.y smell spread in the dark night with the screams of human beings and the roar of the beast .

Hexi’s heart tightened, and there was a creepy fear in her spine

In the direction of the b.l.o.o.d.y smell, there was no fluctuation of spiritual power, but she felt an instinctive fear .

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