The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 600

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Chapter 600

“Your family’s Feiyu is really different . This little brat’s temper really can’t be helped, even I can’t control him . But fortunately, he has a good social network! Elder Han, don’t you think so?”

Elder Han’s face was sullen . He waved his sleeves without saying anything .

Han Feiyu, who had just been knocked by the little magic dragon to the ground, looked extremely gloomy .

He wanted to vent his anger, but looking at the cold and unsightly eyes of everyone on Qingxia Sect, he immediately turned away dejectedly .

Just now when Han Feiyu was talking badly against Shen Qingchuo, the most favorite person of the Qingxia Sect, he already almost made Qingxia Sect’s people get rage, but Hexi was just a step faster than them .

Now that he still wanted to show off their power in front of the Qingxia Sect? Did he really think that the t.i.tle as the four major sects was just a useless t.i.tle?

Han Feiyu gave Hexi a ruthless gaze before leaving . His eyes were full of resentment and coldness .

The statistics of the Big Hunting Match results were completed, and Hexi won the first prize of the Foundation Establishment stage martial artists without a doubt . She got the fourth rank fire technique as she wished .

In fact, the magical beast monster essence pills obtained by Hexi in Breaking Spirit Mountain was far more than these few dozens .

Even only the rank five magical beast monster essence pill plus those given by Ouyang Haoxuan were more than fifty .

But the effect of monster essence pill was so great that she couldn’t bear to give it all out . She kept the rest for the few brats as a snack .

Hexi took the fire technique and looked around, but she was surprised to find that Ouyang Haoxuan was disappeared to nowhere .

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It seemed that before she handed over the monster essence pills, Ouyang Haoxuan had received some kind of news, and then he left with an ugly face .

When Shen Qingchuo heard Shen Sen’s words, she immediately smiled and said along, “Young Master Xi, Uncle is right . Come to our Qingxia Sect, so that we can play together all day . ”

“Let me tell you, the Yunxia Mountain where our Qingxia Sect is located is beautiful, and the spirit is rich . It is very suitable for cultivation . Then, I will let grandpa make a cave house for you alone, then I will find you every day to play, isn’t it good?”

Before Shen Qingchuo’s words were finished, Shen Sen patted her head lightly and smiled, “Young Master Xi is an ambitious person, how can he play with you every day?”

However, he did not deny Shen Qingchuo’s other promises . He was just looking at Hexi with a smile .

Hexi could feel the sincere invitations from Shen Sen and Shen Qingchuo to her . They were definitely not inviting her for their own purpose .

She said with a smile, “Thank you for your kindness, but I have always been alone . For me to join a sect and to be restricted by sect rules, it is really not the path I seek . ”

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