The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 599

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Chapter 599

“You–!” Han Feiyu’s face suddenly darkened . His low and gentle voice that he pretended suddenly became cold, “Shen Qingchuo, I’m giving face to you to marry you as my dual cultivation partner . If it were because your Qingxia Sect’s ancestors can be served as a backer, do you think I will be fond of you? ”

Before Han Feiyu finished speaking, a shadow suddenly slammed into his face .

Han Feiyu was caught off guard and was. .h.i.t by the thing on the ground, making a huge moan .

This movement immediately caught everyone’s attention .

A little black dragon flying up from Han Feiyu’s face, flapping his wings a few times, and hehe laughed, “Hey, don’t you know not to block other’s way? I want to submite monster essence pills for my boss . Why are you standing there blocking my way!”

Before Han Feiyu made a speech, the little dragon had fluttered to the front of the main hall . It raised its head and shouted loudly, “Xi Yue, Foundation Establishment stage, come to submit monster essence pill . ”

When the name Xi Yue came out, it immediately caught everyone’s attention in the hall .

This name was quite popular for this period .

Whether it was the rumor about his amazing medical skills, the best medical pills sold by Shengde Church, or the wonderful conflict and overturn between him and the Feng Family, it was impressive .

Now everyone heard that he was turning in monster essence pill, everyone’s eyes gathered on him .

Among the crowd of Qingxia Sect, a boy with a handsome face walked out slowly .

The light in the hall seemed to gather on him for an instant, and a halo was painted on his body which made him look gorgeous .

Everyone was stunned for a while until the boy came to the stage and took out all the monster essence pills from the storage ring .

Sixty six rank four magical beast’s monster essence pills and ten rank five magical beast’s monster essence pills .

The onlookers couldn’t help rubbing their eyes again and again .

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Even Shen Sen, who had always looked up at Xi Yue, couldn’t help showing a shocked expression .

The eyes of everyone looking at Xia Yichen changed, and then they suddenly realized it .

It turned out that the people of the Qixing Palace even gave their monster essence pills to Xi Yue . Perhaps it was to win over the Miracle Healer Xi .

No wonder the pills Xia Yichen hunted were not as many as Han Feiyu .

Xia Yichen widened his mouth . He couldn’t respond to what happen for a long while . He stuttered, “I didn’t… I just gave you a few …”

But Hexi didn’t care what he said anymore . She handed the monster essence pills to Shen Sen instead .

Shen Sen glanced at her meaningfully . This glance was not just appreciation, but also amazed .

This time it was Elder Xia’s turn to smile at Elder Han of Shui Yue Sect, “Haiz, my sect’s Yichen, is so honest . He is always thinking about others first; he doesn’t want to take credit at all . ”

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