The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 595

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Chapter 595

“If every one of the Feng Family, you can go to the rank four magical beast area of the ​​Breaking Spirit Mountain to see the traces left . They wanted to commit a robber act relying on numbers . I think you guys can see it clearly . ”

“What’s more, what is that Feng Yunhai? In the Breaking Spirit Mountain, he was beaten up badly by us until he cried for his parents . Do we need to kill such a coward? Feng Yunhai took out a blast talisman and wanted to kill Xi Yue, but Xi Yue’s spiritual pet swallowed the talisman . He was so scared that he fell onto the ground . This kind of garbage, is he worthy of us killing him?”

Xia Yichen’s sneer glance glanced at the few people who looked embarra.s.sed in Feng Family . He raised his hand as he said, “Hmph, you Feng Family are narrow-minded, and you did such a injustice act . Don’t measure the other using your villain’s mind, thinking that the others would collude with you! ”

When Xia Yichen said this, the disciples of Qixing Palace cheered .

“Second fellow disciple said well!”

“We Qixing Palace are partic.i.p.ating in this hunt with our own strength . We never did those filthy act . ”

“Maybe that Feng Yunhai was just doing bad things too much, so he got his retribution . Don’t put the blame on Young Master Xi!”

“Feng Family really thought that our Qixing Palace was afraid of you? If you want to fight, let’s fight!”

Xia Yichen’s words made Shen Qingchuo took a good look at him, then he said furiously at the the people of Feng Family, “You fail to frame Young Master Xi last time, but this time you want to repeat the trick . You are so shameless! ”

Qingxia Sect’s other Gold Core stage disciple also sneered, “Feng Family is simply bullying others . If Qixing Palace confronts with Feng Family, it’s better to count me Zhang Danchen of the Qingxia Sect in . ”

“Also count me in!”

“Count me in!!”

In the hall for a while, the people in Feng Family seemed to be the target of criticism .

Their faces were ugly, but in the face of the questions from Qingxia Sect and Qixing Palace, they couldn’t argue with them for a while .

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Feng Yunhai’s death could naturally just let it be .

“Even if it’s me, I don’t have a face to show up too . Making such an embarra.s.sed thing in the match, and most of the elite who sent into the Breaking Spirit Mountain didn’t make it out alive . Feng Family’s loss this time is too serious . ”

These people were talking secretly .

One of the casual martial artists next to him seemed to have received an inexplicable message from a friend .

He was surprised when he saw the message, but he still couldn’t help but take out the inscribed jade slip of the blackmarket and inject his spiritual power .

When he found the sales video recorded by recording talisman from the blackmarket according to the guidance of a friend, his eyes suddenly straightened . He completely forgot where he was, and made a huge exclamation, “My G.o.d–! !!! ”

The martial artists in the hall were listening to the teachings of Elder Xixing Palace .

Although there were martial artists whispering below, surely no one would shout out loud .

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